Kansas City Zoo Trip July 2022: Dillon Turns 13!

We officially have another teenager!  This kid...I can't believe it.  Eden made the keen observation that we now have 2 teenagers in the house again.  ...because Xander is 20...yeah...it took me a minute to get it, too!

He is actually the last of my children I would expect to find in the zoo-proclaimed "Quiet Place."  By the way...they put the "quiet place" about 10 feet down-pond from the inclusive playground, where there is a large chime set for the kids to play, which my kids happened to be playing as I "enjoyed" the space while pondering, "Where is this said, "Quiet Place?"

It was a decent week, my friends.  I have no complaints.  Life is never without its inconveniences and dissatisfactions, but I try to cherish the moments when they take a back seat and I am just content.  It doesn't hurt that I LOVE summer!!  I love getting outside (even in the heat) and moving in nature - in the garden, around the neighborhood, and especially outdoors seeing something new - getting sweaty and exerted until I am happily worn out.  It's good for my mental health, and it makes the comfort and rest feel a little bit sweeter.

So, while I was trying to plan a celebration for my "little" man, I didn't hesitate when our free Kansas City Zoo passes caught my eye from the refrigerator.  We haven't been in so long, and who could beat going to the zoo on a Tuesday?

I mean...these three...do they even require a caption?

Of course...we had a little trouble getting out the door.  And the internet quit working on Xander, so I spent the whole ride troubleshooting as the middle man between Xander trying to work from home and an agent with our provider.  (We got it working, just in time).  And then we had that startling notification of a blue alert on our phones and we didn't even know what WAS a blue alert (and we didn't know then it would end so tragically)...and as we merged off the highway, Dillon shouted, "Are we going to go find that gray car, mom?" (i.e. the culprit).

That my child made the confident assumption this is something we would do...

Alas, even I have my limitations.  (No, son.  I'm going to let the cops deal with this murderer.)

I've got enough on my plate right now.  Did I mention we are dog-sitting?!!  ***No Kristen Shanna's were harmed in the making of this blog.  P.S.  She is actually the cutest, sweetest and second-most adorable dog in the world!!  And she fit right in to the chaotic rhythm of this house.

Of course, we picked one of the hottest days of the year to make our visit, but [SEE ABOVE].  I made it clear we would not be able to see the entire zoo, and everyone got to put out their ideas for the most important things to see.  Birthday boy went first...we sent them on a round trip on the Sky Safari.  


They didn’t get to sit together, but that's ok.  We worked it out.  Evan was safe, and Dillon rode closely behind, so it was ALMOST like they were all together.

We took the locational opportunity to make our way around the Africa exhibit.  It was too hot for many of the animals to even be outside.  I missed out on my beloved gorillas.  But we got to see two of the lions up close and personal through the glass, and the zebras, giraffes, hippos and rhino did not disappoint.

Just as the kids were about to lose their cool, we ended the circle with a snack and a rest in the shade.  (See "Quiet Place")

As we made our way back to the entrance, we managed to hit the sting-ray exhibit, where EVAN GOT TO PET A SHARK!!

This was definitely his favorite part of the day!

I eeked out their last little bit of strength and made them make the short jaunt over to the new Alligator Alley exhibit.  They were cute little guys, but I have to admit...I've seen a monster croc in the wild on a Sanibel trip, so (sorry gators!) what REALLY stole the show for us was the Koi pond!  I forked out a whole quarter for some fish food, (Have I mentioned I am really frugal?!!  I am not even ashamed to admit I spent a significant amount of time digging around the bridge for dropped pieces to add to our plunder.  We doubled our haul, and I think the fish were grateful...if I do say so, myself.) and the kids had a BLAST.

Sometimes, adventure is right outside your door.

I know you will be surprised to hear it, but...

...the birds were my favorite (perhaps second to the Koi?) of our zoo experiences that day.  I mean...just look at this little guy.  I may have to make my own bird documentary - one I can watch over and over for free.  Do you think David Attenborough would work with me?  Obviously 👆I'm on a pretty tight budget. 😉

You never know what I will get us up to next.  I tend to prefer things spontaneous.  So, we'll see. 🤣

His current obsession...

Whatever it is, I will feel privileged to get to share it with you, my friends.  Have a happy, contented week.  And don't forget to share your adventures with me!