Summer seems to be slipping through my hands like sands through the hourglass (so are the days of our lives...).

Lovely wildflowers at one of our all time favorite parks in Liberty, Stocksdale.  It has changed A LOT over the years, but it continues to be a place of joy for the O'Haras.  I feel like we have less opportunity to appreciate time outside together.  I guess that just makes the time we get even more valuable...right?

Baseball is taking up a lot of it.  The kid plays twice a week and nearly every weekend.  You would think that might lead to burn out, but...this is MY son we are talking about.  Evan has had a very iPad summer.  He doesn't always want to go to the games, and I am often appreciative when he chooses to stay with his sisters or Grandma or his friend, Daniel.  It is more fun for him and less complaining I have to endure.

He hung in like a champ last weekend.  It was hot, and we had a long day.  (Sundays are play until you lose, and we made it to the championship...with the games running late.).

I splurged on some treats from concessions.  Popsicles make EVERYTHING better. 💕  We made it through and by the time we got to go home, I don't think anyone really cared that we lost.  We were just glad to be getting to go home.

I spent the rest of the week recovering and resting up for surgery. Turns out it is considered "major" not "minor," but if you ask me...updated technology makes it ALL easier.  I went in at 7am, came out of recovery at 9am and went home at 1pm.  (I even rode along to baseball practice that evening, so...!!!!!)

Of course, I was, instantly, my typical snarky, literal self.  The first thing I remember upon waking was trying to relieve my itchy eyes and the nurse got all panicky/bossy, "'t do that."

I have to admit her interference annoyed me.  I probably rolled my eyes, which may be why she replied, "You can scratch your eyes."

Unfortunately, I didn't completely understand her meaning when I fired back, "Nnnnooooooouh.  I CAN'T.  You just told me 'don't do that'."

We both laughed when she explained my misunderstanding.  Then, someone, maybe her, offered, "Would you like some ice chips?"

I joked, "I'd LIKE a coke." 

And would you believe they brought me one? (Actually, it was Shasta, but post surgery...who cares?!!) Matt said it was quite a sight watching them roll my bed into the room, with me laid back and happily sipping on my pop.  

Heading out post op and feeling like I was breaking out of jail.  I promise...they SAID I could leave!!!

I have been taking it pretty easy, while trying to keep myself from going insane.  Making good progress on the cross-stitch, and the baby hats are rapidly multiplying.  I try to get up and do one or two simple things here and there, just so I'm not sitting around all day.  I am really hoping to be back to normal-ish at the one-week mark.  So far, it doesn't seem an unrealistic goal.  I just wish I were as mentally and emotionally strong as my body is physically!!  

I did skip out on the Father's Day baseball tournament.  I'm glad Matt has been home a few days to cover things for me.  And I'm glad I am able enough to function with the minimal support of the kids.  

This team is so thoughtful!!  They planned out the sweetest Father's Day gift...a baseball signed by the team. 💕

And speaking of kids...the day before, we were talking about my upcoming surgery (and the fact that I had to have a crown put in the same week).  With the deepest of sympathy, in a most genuine tone, Evan asked, "Will you buy me a toy...since you're having such a hard time?" 

Oh, my...I am FEELING the love.  😂

The fact that he asked about the shipping details of another toy order, when I first walked in the door from surgery, solidifies the fact that I OBVIOUSLY understated what I was going to endure.  Ah well...if there is one thing I can offer them - one area where I don't tend to be brutally honest - it is ALWAYS in reference to my own risk and pain.  They just need to know I am ok, so that is what I am going to be...and that's all they really need to know.

*No children were injured in the distribution of this Father's Day Gift.

I don't exactly feel like the best daughter and wife.  My dad got a text, and Matt considers having me home and safely recovering his Father's Day gift.  

Thank God, we have a growingly self-sufficient 20 yo who managed to pick up for him the only thing he asked for...a metal rake.  (He is a minimalist at heart, I know it.)  I think you can clearly see his joy.

We get by.

Barring (and praying against) all unknowns... I believe I have survived the hardest part of my summer, and I am grateful.  Perhaps it will be all peace and joy from here on out...

Whatever the "weather," we will continue to endure...

Together, my friends!

Happy Sunday and may your week be blessed,