Focusing on the Rainbows

Well, listen...if I'm honest, things have been a bit rough around here.  Sometimes, whether by my own hand, by circumstance, by others, or by the hand of too many cards get placed on the stack, and the whole structure comes tumbling down.

We do what we know to do...we recover and we rebuild.

If I'm totally honest, that is where I stand tonight.  There are too many things on my heart, and there are too many unresolved aches to say I am free and clear.  However, it NEVER hurts to focus on the happy things. is the recap of our latest happy things:

I am in a new stage of finishing projects and using up excess materials.  (I have even been seen throwing things unlike me, I know!)  I have an untold stash of estate sale here (makes up the meat of it), a need there, and a birthday gift both here AND has added up over time.  And I have decided I am ready to minimize and simplify when it comes to my crafting world.  No longer, is it a wide world of exploration.  From now on, I will focus on making the things I love instead of choosing the most radical, unique or challenging projects I can find, just to prove I can.  The joy it brings will be the measure of a project's worth and ultimate acceptance or rejection.  So...use-up-the-stash project 1: Baby hats.  Of course, you KNOW I LOVE making these.  Anything for babies!!

Of course, you ALSO know I LOVE to garden.  It is so much work, and you will often find me grumbling about aspects of it.  However, there is nothing better than feeding my children from my own hand...unless, that daughter were to plant her own garden and feed me from it!!  And that is just what she has done.  Eden made me the best salad from lettuce she grew all on her own.  From seed to plate!  What a happy mama she made me.

Our own harvest has been great.  The strawberries are back-breaking (my neck is aching, as I type!!), but the kids have had regular (almost daily) fresh berries, and we have about 15-20 ziplock bags full and frozen and waiting for future smoothies.  I consider that HAPPY!  Also, these mulberries.  👆 I almost made Matt cut down this "junk tree" in our yard.  He was first to discover it was one of my beloved mulberry trees.  It has slowly started producing over the last few years, but this is the best harvest I've ever had.   Even better...we have BOTH white and red/purple fruits!  I can't wait to watch them eat that upcoming cobbler.  Makes a mama's heart so joyful.

We have been super frugal, as I am starting out on my counseling business venture.  While it is building, I am hovering over the finances with an iron fist.  However, there are two projects I desperately hoped to complete this summer.  1) A new fire pit.  2) A new grill.  Both of ours were in pretty desperate states, but my prospects of replacing anytime soon seemed doubtful.  Would you believe, out of the blue, two of our neighbors would donate those exact items?  The fire pit needed a little work, but after scrubbing it down and putting on a fresh coat of paint...Matt turned it into this gem!  I am so excited to use it with the kids.  And the grill??...I can't even talk about it.  I'm still so baffled by the generosity.  It is lovely.  It is only a couple of years old, and it is so perfect.  (No pictures yet...I will have to share soon!)

And is SUMMER!  And within the first week, Evan was already going stir crazy.  😂  I have come up with a list of "summer boredom" school activities that should carry us for awhile.  🤞 I do so love having them home!

These two had a wonderful time celebrating his 22nd birthday with a camping trip.  I so appreciate how he engages with the siblings...especially Evan.  Evan loves him so much!  And this blackberry no bake cheesecake was divine.  Everyone enjoyed it! (And I made another notch in last year's harvest in the freezer.). Of course, I hope she won't be offended, but even making a "fake" cheesecake made me feel a little bit closer to my sister in heaven.  

And then...

Her children pop in with a little "hello" here and there, and I am so grateful!  Especially when it is all about sharing rainbows and remembering my love for nature and clouds and sky!

Listen...the truth of it is hard.  We benefit from addressing the needs of our heart.  That is called self-care, and it is as important to your well-being as any other health matter. 

But, sometimes, mental health means stepping back and remembering all that makes you grateful.  I will go to bed thinking of these things...and of friends, who are on this journey and in this battle with me.

Happy Sleep and Goodnight.

Always, Your Friend.

P.S. for the die is really getting late, and I am super tired, and I've re-written this entire post a time or two.  So...editing will have to come in the following days.  Thank you for GRACE!  I need it.