Life is a Lot Like the Weather (in Missouri)...

 Hey!!  Long time

It has been a busy couple of weeks, in a good way.  I had every intention of blogging last Sunday, but I had a surprise opportunity to watch my great nephew for the VERY first time, so...sorry, not sorry.

I think we wore him out with all of the people and attention.  He fell asleep on the 2 minute drive from our house to the restaurant, where we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  Then, he slept through the whole dinner, which was an hour - in a busy restaurant!  What an amazing little guy.  You can clearly see who he prefers...

It was, literally, my favorite day.  And, given I have my hands quite full these days, I was extremely grateful my little invite came on a day when I was home and available.  It's not every day you get a chance to snuggle with a little great!

And speaking of hands full...let's talk about laundry.

I came, I saw, I conquered the laundry.  Seriously...I have had overflow for the last month or more.  It took me all of a four day weekend, but I finally took the W.  (Of course, we already have multiple freshly soiled loads on standby, but I am just grateful I made it as far as I did.

Could somebody call in a counselor?  'Cause I have GOT to learn to quit enabling these kids.  It's just...some of them are so particularly stubborn.  I could leave it sitting for a month, and they just walk on by, oblivious...until it drives me crazy enough I am internally forced into battle.

And speaking of counseling.  If it weren't for a million other reasons, here is one to convince me:

I have been congested since about January, and Sudafed has become my best friend. I even have a fun new inner ear thing, which causes my entire world to violently spin every time I rapidly shift my head.  So...kind of fun.  It's like I'm on an eternal roller coaster.  

But congestion is not the real problem.  The real problem is how bothered I am by Matt's method of selecting the pills for me. 

Seriously, it should suffice it to say he is bringing me the pills to begin with, but...WHO OPENS THE SUDAFED LIKE THIS????!!!  There is very obviously a clear and direct pairing implied.  How could you possibly get this wrong?  

I won't even bother checking my diagnostic manual.  The evidence points to the problem, and it isn't mellow Matt.   🙋

Ah well...all these issues have lead me to pursue a very appropriate and fulfilling career (and it is going SO WELL!).  It takes one to know one, I guess.  I have empathy innate for almost every need.

Yes, despite my constant need for self-checking and redirecting, things are really looking up for your girl.  I am falling into place a little more comfortably in my new office and role.  I have the BEST second job at the MOST wonderful school. And...drumroll, please:

After a 6 month wait...we FINALLY got back the Fiesta.

I can not possibly provide you with the complete understanding of what this means to me. more car-sharing.  No more lugging everything in and out of the house, because I will not be starting with the same car I ended with.  No more filling gas EVERY TIME I GET A VEHICLE BACK, BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY NO ONE ELSE IS CAPABLE OF GOING TO THE GAS STATION.  (Not that I'm bitter.  Just VERY, VERY grateful.

And I will admit the traumatized child within me looks back with paranoia.  Were we too nice?  Did we get skipped, because we were too nice about it?  You know that whole thing about the squeaky wheel?  Well, I barely even made a peep in that 6 months.

But friends, my supervisor gave me a most cherished image this week, and I have used it to stop my negative trains of thought.  What good would it do me now to have a meltdown over what might have been?  I put a barrier up to that path, because I have walked it before.  It gets me nowhere.  (Nowhere good, at least.)

So, I am intentionally walking the path of gratitude.  

I HAVE my car back!

And I had time for just me and my boys.

I have a new job (that I LOVE!).  It gives me more flexibility, which can sometimes equate to more time.  And besides doing laundry this weekend, I also had the opportunity and a lovely day to take my boys to the park with our besties.  

I had a rare moment alone with a rare close friend.  

The boys tackled the new playground equipment and adventured in the creek.  

Evan excitedly told me they did many "dangerous" things.  I was just glad he had fun and he came back whole.

Oh, friends, I am appreciating a time of peace.  August to January were so much harder than I can ever completely define.  But...the joy and wonder have resisted, and I am basking in the sunshine.

And spring time and bubbles and great nephews!

Well...I's Missouri.  I am currently listening to an ice/snow mix pelting my windows, and we will definitely see freezing temperatures again.  But spring never really comes all at once, so I have to just be grateful for the moments I get until it hits full force.

Not unlike life itself, would you agree?

Peace, love and good night.