Lazy...or "On the Mend"? It's All Perspective

That moment realize you were looking in the wrong spot for every picture.

I found myself feeling unusually lazy this week.  I had so little in the way of demands upon me.  It's not something to which I've become accustomed in the last 6 years.  In fact, the last six years have been ALL go with very little room for breathers.

Impending burnout or not, I probably would have kept going if August hadn't come in with such a wretched vengeance.  Sometimes, it takes a tsunami to get my attention and force me to redirect.

Well, I can say that the agonizing wait for things to fall into line was not fun, but I always trusted in Romans 8:28.  I may have to go through a bit of suffering...dare I say even more than a bit...but, eventually, God will work all those heartaches and defeats into something good.

Life may not always look pretty, but...hopefully God's mending is better than mine. my credit... this hat went on our honeymoon with us.  It was ridiculously threadbare by the time he asked me to save it.  

I mean...despite the odds...despite everything working against me, I am finally, officially a counselor with a private practice and my own little office.  Every time I step foot into that little sanctuary, I feel overcome with peace and gratitude.  It is such a happy place.  I hope it exudes that same joy I feel to everyone who chooses to walk through my door.  So far, it has only brought delight.

Every worry that August had planted into my fragile heart has slowly come to a peaceful conclusion.  My job transition is complete.  Dillon is healed.  We are all in good health.  AND...we found a new baseball team!!

We were so sad when we found out that the context and direction of his current team was changing.  Too many players decided to move on...and playing down a level just wasn't working, since his entire team was in a different school grade.  (I had NO idea that would be a problem, but turns out...)  And, just in case you wondered, finding the right baseball team for your 13U son is not exactly easy...especially when you have opinions.  I am not an agent, people.  No one pays me for this.  In fact, I'm probably gonna have to pay them...a LOT.


One of the FIRST people he asked to see post injury.  Our precious neighbor, Dee.  How lucky are we? the grace of God...I gave it to God, and He has provided us with a team that seems to be just about the best fit we could expect.  

As we left the try-outs, for example, the players thanked all the boys who had come to try out.

What teen/pre-teen does that???!!!

I am happy and hopeful and definitely looking forward to spring!

Now...if we could only get a transition module for my poor little Fiesta, and I could have my car back to myself...

Sorry if I am ranting and repeating myself, again and again.  (I've reviewed the blog a bit and determined that it is an unfortunate trend sometimes.  But, then, we all get stuck and need to ruminate on things for a bit before we can move on.  You can understand, right?!)

'Cause...I saw a post for some new car on Ford's FB page, and I almost got REALLY snarky in the comments.  I'm just saying...they provided my means for the first 21 years, but...I'm about to bring the whoop-a$$ on their return for loyalty.  (You can see who's really got my back.  You've known all along, haven't you?)

But...could someone PLEASE send me a replacement for the faulty part, so I can move on with my life????

No magic connections?

Oh, well.  I am grateful for the answers we have received.  And I will let myself enjoy the lull while it lasts.  I know I will need to up the ante and get to work, consistently, in the near future.  For now, I will receive the slow-down as God's grace.

My little Stephen King, Jr. enjoying my (FINALLY) newly cleaned desk.  (Yeah...I had a minute this week, despite all the rest and recovery.)

Giving peace a chance.  I hope the same for you in the week ahead!

Your friend, 


So as not to leave you in complete suspense...I have read part two.  Part three was "not confirmed," according to the author.  But...I have ALSO read that.  I have not been authorized to release any further teasers.  You will have to speak to the elusive author himself.  My apologies.  💕
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