I Have an Office!

 I, officially, have an office!!

Could it get any more Kristen?  The rug, literally, tied ANYTHING and EVERYTHING together. 💕

I've been trying to squash the stress over getting this furniture out of my garage (To my credit...I have been looking the other way since August!)...and also...the urge to get up there and get this little haven set up.

It's not perfect...except that it is!!  The furnishings are ALL hand-me downs.  (Like...every last piece, down to the items on the walls.). And I LOVE it.  It is colorful and eclectic and everything ME. 

I was pretty anxious about the move.  There is a small hallway to the main door of the office, since we are a bit underground on the bottom floor.  My biggest concern was my favorite piece, the chaise lounge.  How perfect for a counselor, right?  I mean...I'm not going to go all Freud on anyone.  Most of his ideas don't sit well with me.  But...what speaks "comfort" more than a chaise?  Nothing.  I promise.  (Comfort food doesn't even come close!  Well, maybe comfort food on a chaise??? But I would prefer a coke, or a glass of wine, and a book on a chaise.)

Yes...I moved to the chaise after our "amazing" selfie shoot.  I'm over worrying about pics of me.  You guys...none of us like our image.  It's, like, written in our DNA. 💁

Well...that piece just happened to be the widest and longest, and I really didn't think it was going to fit through the front door with such tight angles.  And, when I was in the lead, it actually didn't.  But my incredibly capable boss...he found a way.  Hallelujah.  The painful part is DONE!

Anyway, I'd planned on taking several days over the next few weeks to get things moved in and ready.  As it turned out, we got everything I wanted done in one day.  (There's a rare one for you!) Of course, I will add things in time, but the structure is ready...all the important basics...✔!

And speaking of wine and a chaise...As we were cleaning up and just about to go, Matt said, "Before we go, there's one more thing."  He had hidden from me our wine advent for the day and the most precious little glass we had been given by one of our favorite people, long ago.  Guess where I sat and cherished that moment?!!

And, honestly, I have seen the results of tough endurance, steadfast hope and persistent dedication in the midst of trial and instability.  Things tend to work out when you pursue God with all your heart...even despite your mistakes.

I have to admit, I teared up during our little "cheers" and celebration.  I worked so hard over such a long time, and then I faced some serious obstacles that threatened to collapse the whole dream.  I still have trouble believing it's not going to get ripped out from under me.  Or FAIL...completely and miserably fail. 

But, as I told a friend who is fighting her own battles of uncertainty, hoping is never foolish or naive.  Hope is brave.  It is hard to be hopeful when things really might not go the way we hope.  It is easier to give up.  It is humbling to dare to dream despite the risk of disappointment.  You don't risk your "honor" when you refuse to try.  And it is painfully terrifying to continue to pursue your dreams WHILE being completely genuine and vulnerable in the midst.  It is easier to hide or withdraw and do your life in secret. (I will admit, I have my moments of quiet withdrawal.)  

We all get stuck sometimes, right???? 😂😂😂 It's his own fault.

However, as you know, I tend to set very high standards for myself.  I happen to think I will benefit from all of this caring and striving and outreach some day.  So don't burst my bubble, in case you are not a believer.  I'm humbling myself enough to hold out hope that doing the most good possible, to the best of my ability, will be worth it in the end.

For now, I only look to tomorrow.   

Tomorrow, I visit Columbia one last time to drop off all of my equipment.  And, in the course of an extended weekend, I will have rid my house of a significant amount of "stuff." 

Purging is the word I thought of today.  I am purging.  I am shedding excess.  I am condensing to one goal.  I happen to love the idea of simplifying and getting organized.  Granted, I haven't actually started my new job, but so far I am feeling the weight of the world released from my back.  Right now, I choose to relish that peace and freedom.

Jesse LOVES you...even when he is bad.  (And my goodness can he be bad???!!!...today was just...a D.A.Y with this little [insert un-postable words]. )

1 Corithians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


Love to all!