Mouse Races at Auction Night!

Me and Pikachu.  One of the happiest moments of my life.  💕. Isn't he ADORABLE?

If you have never been to a mouse race, then you are definitely missing out.  Our boys' school/church had their annual auction this weekend.  It is always such a fun event, and I am happy to spend a night benefiting the continuation of this treasured gem. is a rare community, and I have complete and utter peace sending my boys to school knowing they are safe and loved...EVERY SINGLE DAY... because ALL the students there are safe and loved.  It is as good as homeschool, only better.  Because EVERYTHING does not fall on me.  And they spend their days surrounded by REALLY quality friends.

I love auction day!!  I have to admit, though, I cringed a little when I heard the theme this year.

Mice?  Eeeeeek!

Don't most people have that response to mice?

Of course, I fell IN LOVE with those caged, white creatures, and I put $10 down on the first race for a mouse named Pikachu...because Pokemon never fails me.  And, as expected, Pikachu won!!  And I won $25.  I asked if I got to keep him.  (Wouldn't Matt have been livid?!!!  😂). They said no.  Well, actually...the guy laughed in response.

Genuine, unfiltered, excitement.  This is a happy, difficult life.

"So I take it that's a no?"

"That's a no."

Ah well...Matt dodged a bullet, and I bounced off happily ever after to let EVERYONE no I WON!!!!

And I don't FEEL like it was a totally selfish gesture, because I INVESTED in that little guy.  I wasn't just happy to be a winner.  I was happy HE was a winner.

So, just in case, I didn't bet on any mice for several more races.  I didn't want to kill the streak OR the winner vibe.  So, I just reveled for a bit, enjoying the moment.  

Until...I found out my friend had sponsored a mouse (for her class) in race 5.  I didn't just feel.  I KNEW I had to support Kip!

I did my research before the race.

Meanwhile...I won a (way too low content) Moscato (that I totally gave away)!!  Yay!!  I  wouldn't be me if I weren't COMPLETELY honest.

About halfway into the night, I realized they were displaying the mice before each race.  I carefully observed for signs of potential.

My odds were not looking good.  Kip seemed rather tired and disinterested.  My gut told me to put my money on one of those active little guys.  But my HEART said, BE LOYAL!!

I stuck with the team and put my money on Kip.  Turns out, my gut was right this time.  No regrets!  Loyalty may not win you every race, but it pays out priceless in the long run.  I have learned my lesson well*.

And...actually...if you pay close attention to mouse #1 (ie Kip), you can clearly see that, were it not for a bit of confusion coming out of the gate, he might have been the winner, after all.  Not a terrible performance.  I'm really quite proud of the little guy.  I wouldn't have minded bringing him home, but...

Oh, good grief!  Like I need another being to care for around here.  I already feel like I'm drowning.  Honestly, though, I explained it to Matt the other day, "I feel like...I'm swimming, and I'm just about to come up for air, and just as I begin to catch a deep breath, another wave crashes over me pushing me back down."

Look at these twins.  Doesn't that make you feel better?!!

Perhaps a bit overdramatic, but then...Ted Lasso said something pretty similar this week, and I felt not quite so alone in my feelings.

Still, we have come a long way since the beginning of August.  I have officially decided to practice out a minimal (to no) stress policy and agree with myself that I am NOT going to get it ALL done.  The attempt was killing me!  My inner critic is FIERCE.  The expectations inhumane!!  My survival depended on blocking my (inner) ears. Either the laundry will sit on the table all week, or the bathroom will have to wait another week, or the tree will not get trimmed, or the garden will keep it's weeds, or dinner will be make it yourself or snack it out...I could go on.  There is simply too much for me to get done all alone on one tiny weekend.  Especially Auction weekend.

3 out of 5...Check!  But this one just about did me in!

So be it.  It's not that deep.  So, NO!  You may not use my bathroom this week.  Sorry not sorry.

You CAN, officially, walk under my two front trees, so...💁 Compromise!

And, since you are meeting me halfway, I decided to share.  I made a killer soup that was a huge hit.  It's going to be a keeper, so I wrote it down and here you go!  I hope this Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup brings you joy and comfort.  It's definitely soup weather around here!

Don't be too hard on yourself, this week, my friends.  We are ALL doing the best with what we've been given.  Am I right?  Please, please, say amen!!

Amen and goodnight!

Let's end it with this, happy place.

I promise.  I promise you, I will**:

The stars could fall

The ground could shake

The stars burn out

And season change

The time will pass

And beauty fade (This is where the line is***...)

But ALL my love will remain (emphasis, mine).

*Live to Tell by Madonna (not my favorite, but what came to mind)

**When in Rome.  A classic

***Believe What You're Saying by Sugar...if only I hadn't destroyed a more original version in my bitter past...