Loaded, Cheesy Potato Soup - Recipe


I threw together a cheesy, delicious potato, plus soup* this week, and it was a hit.  Popular enough to record for future use, so I might as well share and share alike.  FYI...this one hits alls the right buttons, because it is yummy AND vegetarian.  We can all eat it, and they all liked it!


Cheese Sauce (I used a different recipe this time.  This one is better.  I noticed the missing butter!)

    Shredded Cheddar Cheese


    Milk (I added extra milk later, since I needed to thin it out a bit.)



Yellow Potatoes (about 6-8 small/medium...I washed and did not peel them.)

Broccoli (I used a steam in the bag version from Sam's and chopped them up after I cooked them.)

Pasta (I used half a box of penne.)


1. Wash, slice and put potatoes on to boil.

2. Put water on to boil for pasta.  

3. Make the cheese sauce as directed.

4.  Meanwhile...cook broccoli and pasta.  Continually check potatoes for soft, ready-to-eat texture.  Chop broccoli, if needed.

5.  Put it all together and simmer for a bit (10 minutes or so, if you can wait it out!)

*Sorry no pics!  They ate it too fast.  I will post some the next time I make it.  :)