Health Care Workers and Dog Owners

How was your fourth?  Mine is still a work in progress.  Of course, health care workers and dog owners do NOT get a vacation.  And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, because I was alone all day with all of my responsibilities.  And, holiday or not, I paid my dues at the dog park.

Good news is that I got to see my nephew off for his National Guard duty this summer.  (sob!). Bad news is I had to drive to Trenton with all the kids (minus the eldest) in tow, alone.  (I assured my DPF's - that's Dog Park Friends - that I was definitely NOT leaving for New Jersey and I would, for sure, be back by tomorrow for our daily fellowship.  I reiterate the statement: "Regulars are everywhere.  I just never thought I would BE one.”  What's next?  Fan?  Groupie?  Dear God, please no.  I prefer NOT to follow, and I root for the underdog - even when others consider it "no competition", because that's me. 😉).  

Anyway, after a wonderful, though difficult on several levels, party ( bro-in-law made me a portobello mushroom burger since he knows I don't eat meat and that was so seriously, endearingly sweet, but I still couldn't help missing my sister and now we are going to miss my nephew, too, so...double ultra, mega sob), I rushed home to meet the Daddy for our little fireworks celebration.  Apparently, our celebration was way too little for MY kids.  I mean...yeah.  We live in the suburbs, and I've been hearing the dog park complaints (not to mention the seriously traumatized veterans) about fireworks.  So I wasn't really feeling like bombing the hood this year.  I kindly reminded MY children that, when I was a kid, I got excited about Kool-Aid in ice-cube trays with toothpicks, so please QUIT complaining, because you have it REALLY good.  And when I finally escaped for a minute alone, turns out it was NOT alone, since every five minutes someone peeked their head in the door for some senseless (literally, just trying to get my attention) reason...and then they, finally, just brought the party indoors.

So, yeah...I am stuck trying to focus, while wholly uninspired, on the scrapbook of my life...not that it really matters...while listening to The Grateful Dead ( husband)...and a background game of (probably) Apples to Apples, and now they are all enjoying the process of speaking to Alexa.  How am I supposed to survive amidst all of this, you guys?  I just wanted some quiet reflection to help me cope through this...whatever is life. 🤷

Ah rarely meets my expectations.  (Get used to disappointment.) When we first started dating, I said to him..."Let's do something AMAZING."

He panicked.  Ideas are not his thing.  After long and arduous life-ing....we have determined all is not lost. Ideas just kind of happen to be my thing.  So...I'll bring the entertainment, if YOU bring the audience.  

As I told one of my most consistent DPF's (see above), who labelled me a type A, needy for attention, and called my husband my complete opposite, "Oh yes.  I own the stage, and my audience is fully captivated.  I am a happy wife."

And my DPF is right, "He IS a smart man."

Happy Mom, happy dog, happy life.

Good night.  They are still playing, but I am fading.  I sure hope you've had a good one.