We'll Take It!

Summer is intense!  Baseball and work trips and I still can't manage to keep up with the house work.  I give up!!  But, guess what.  I put Evan in swim lessons.  I know...perfect, right?  It is the cutest thing EVER, and he is really learning a lot.  And, of course, he managed to get the BEST teachers ever, because that's just how it seems to go with this one.  It's nice to have a kid like that for the wrap up.

Baseball has been tough.  This little team just hasn't been able to catch a break, and it's disheartening and discouraging and defeating all wrapped up in one frustrating little package.  But...did I mention they put me on the scoreboard?!!  Life changing!  Because 1) I have something to keep my focus.  So, I am less fidgety and nervous.  2) I have the BEST view of the field, so I really know if it was a terrible call.  3) I have to sit right by the umpire and the other team, which totally humanizes them so I hate them less.  (Of course, I still might yell-over them when they get a little too excited about something that may be really upsetting my kids.  I mean, come on...the victory lap after 3 painful losses was a little much.  And I, genuinely, did NOT mean to ram that guy in the shoulder with my chair afterwards, but - just between you and me - I'm kind of glad I did.  Consider me a regular Bob Ross...it was just a happy little accident.)

Yes, score-boarding has nearly revolutionized my life.  Not completely, of course.  I had a humbling reminder, when my kid was up to bat.  Oh, how it makes me cringe in agony, because I just want him to do well and feel good about himself.  (But, they frown on mother's who try to go out on the field and hit for their sons.  After all, it doesn't really boost his confidence in himself if I do it for him, right?)  Anyway, the kid can hit.  I KNOW he can hit.  When it is just him and me on a field, he CRUSHES the ball.  Mind you, despite my gender and age, I can guarantee you the majority of these 11 year olds are not throwing any harder, so.... it's the same thing.  Except, in the game, he gets nervous and starts over-thinking.  And I know this from YEARS of experience in sports and psychology.  He is new to this team.  He struggles in transition.  He is in a slump, that I have to bear through, and it IS AGONIZING.

So, when the pitcher bounced the ball off my son's head, I naturally shouted, "We'll take it!!"

But, I heard my buddy, Jack, laughing behind me, and I turned to find him shaking his head with a shocked expression, "Kristen, you are hilarious."

I smiled, but I did not get the joke.  Wait.  What?  What is wrong with what I said?  My kid just got on base.  We'll take it.

Then, I heard him laugh again, "Poor kid."

And I started to assume it was something about me being intense...when he continued, "Of course, you got the most expensively, padded helmet right?"

I could only reply in earnest,  "No way!  I got the cheapest one!"

Ok.  So, maybe I'm intense and a little hard on my ball player, but in my defense, Dillon was VERY obviously fine.  That's what helmets are for.  In NO WAY did my kid appear injured, at all.  AND he is a killer base runner, so I knew, if there was any way possible, my kid would turn that easy base into an easy run. (And btw, he did!) So...yeah.  I stand by my original statement.  We'll take it!

Unfortunately, we did NOT win that game...even though I bribed the whole team with ice cream.  One tough inning and a stupid time limit turned favor against us, once more.

Of course, the next game fell right smack on my two day work trip.  I debated a million and one scenarios to keep from missing it, but a last minute tech requirement sealed my fate.  I was in my hotel room in Columbia by 3:30 in the afternoon, with no hope of being at the game.  Fortunately for me, they live stream the field, and I watched as my kid nailed a triple in his first at bat!  They kept that energy to the end and won in a landslide.  Huge victory, and a big confidence boost.  I delivered ice cream dollars when I returned home.

I made the most of my little mom getaway.  I kept Thursday night low-key and enjoyed seeing my unmasked co-workers face to face on Friday.  (I really do have an amazing work group!)

Of course, like being a teacher, there is no real "day off" for mom.  One day away just amplifies the work-load upon my return, and I am FEELING the burn.  You guys...strawberry season is back-breaking!!!  And keeping chickens (and rabbits and a garden and a houseful of children) is NOT for the lazy or the faint of heart.  And would you believe, I finally managed to get a crowing hen?!!!  (Oh the misfortune.). Because I do.  I believe that.  I totally believe that.  I AM the crowing hen.

Ah well...it's better than a rooster. Roosters and chickens and crowing hens are not for everybody.


I feel like I should put a disclaimer in fine print on the blog.  *Do not try this at home.*  The dog park might not be your thing.  You might, actually, hate gardening and all the crazy things I use to fill my time.  This is just the story about how I am trying to get by in a very strange, often scary and heartbreakingly, sad world.  My way may not be the way for you.   

Even so, I don't think it would help...the KristenShanna look-a-likes tend to keep popping up out of nowhere 😉 (especially this week!  I can't help but wonder if there is some sort of private competition going on ???), and I am just hoping the joke is NOT on me.  But then, that wouldn't be so bad, either.  I can laugh at myself just as easily as anyone else can laugh at me.  And I am ALWAYS willing to take one for the team (or offer up my son 🤣)!!

Happy Week-ing, my friends.  My upcoming looks to be more significantly chill than it's predecessor, and I am hopeful.  But we all know how things go around here, so... some times you get to skirt around the storm, and sometimes you have to turn and fight.  Here's to victory no matter the situation! 🍻

Peace and Love!