Easter 2021

Let’s face it...my 16yo is definitely more motherly in the “holiday planning” department. Calendars and structure have NEVER been my cup of tea.

Eden and the Boys

I went to the dentist this week. I happen to like my hygenist. (Matt said it sounded like we were having a party in there...and I’ll admit I’m a little self conscious knowing people have been hearing me all this time! 🤦‍♀️)
But when she asked me my Easter plans, and I said I couldn’t think that far in advance...
What can I say? I tend to bring the party with me impromptu-style...even to the dentist. 🤷‍♀️😂
We threw something together, and Eden added a special touch.

Ok, so maybe hunting for empty Easter eggs would be a bit dull. I guess the “empty tomb” explanation might lose its affect after a bit. In my defense, I spent more money than time this year. So, they got more fun gifts!

But...Eden added the candy (and a few of her own monetary contributions) to make the egg hunt a little more appealing for the boys.

Bocce Yard Darts

See...usually they just get candy...but this year...yard bocce darts!  🎯 (And it was NOT self-focused! We ALL had fun outdoor gaming.)

Matt and the boys

I even bought a “fun” game I, literally, can NOT win! Fine motor skills + patience = big loss here! (Though, my team did win the yard darts. Y’welcome! 😉)

Evan Helps Make Dye

Speaking of fine motor skills and patience! This kid made less of a mess than I would preparing the dye. I was seriously grateful for his help.
Evan Helps Make Dye

I don’t know how he didn’t spill with this contraption. I told him the theory, but I don’t know that I have ever not spilled over this tiny spout. (Who’s gonna wait for that?!!)
Decorating Easter eggs

Yep...you noticed, too. We promised we would be understanding when certain parties had other holiday events, but... 💔

Egg Drawing

We sucked it up and made due. Hey...
Hardy Geranium

Like this geranium (which sat over winter in a barely lit window and not only survived, but bloomed...twice!), this girl is a survivor! A couple of bad weeks ain’t got nothing on me!

Sweet Huskies

In fact, Jesse and I are working on a little self-taught therapy. We are sincerely enjoying our frequent visits to the dog park. And these two ☝🏻 and that sweet guy started the whole successful thing.
Beautiful Huskies

Who would have thought I could socialize this dog AND overcome a phobia...all at the same time?!!

I mean, I guess if Jesus can kill this whole death/resurrection thing, maybe...just maybe...I’m gonna make it after all.

Happy Easter, my dear friends! May you feel, tangibly, the love and blessings I send your way. In Christ!