Welcome Spring! Fun at Penguin Park

 The O’Haras have been privileged to better weather (prior to this weekend!) and better days. My heart is slowly coming around and recovering...despite having a few flash-from-the-past moments.

Last weekend was a three in a row I was SERIOUSLY dreading. Too much to do on my own (and a busy week to follow). But...Dillon had baseball practice on Saturday, and someone had to take him and pick him up. So...

Evan and I took the two hour opportunity to head to Penguin Park, which is near the field (and on the way home from school...he has been asking A LOT!).

I would never have taken the time, given the workload. And it was THE BEST! I have been coming here since I was a little girl and my dentist was across the street! It was early and not nearly as crowded, and we met some really fun people...including a very proficient 9 yo VERY LOUD obscenity rapper. I wish I had taken the time to ask about his family life.

Since then...Matt is off on “vacation” for like 14 days!! We’ve been marching to the beat of a different drum. (“Oh can’t you tell by the way I run.?.. 🎶😉...if you don’t know the reference, please ask me!!). And it feels pretty good.

Of course...there is that MAJOR bathroom remodel to complete. Sigh. #itsalwayssomething

But...did you know that, many years ago, my parents bought our first home?!! This claw foot tub was in Matt’s grandpa’s yard. We refinished it, and it made the sweetest edition to our historic home circa 1999.

Xander and Eden were both born and bathed here. 

Speaking of the kids...🤷‍♀️ bunny trail...I got to see Evan participate in “stations of the cross” this week. So sweet! And when he asked us all to please kneel...I thought, maybe I’d found his calling.

In other good news, spring is just around the ... ummmm...kind of, like, here!! Who has time to lose an hour?!! I’m crying.  😭😭😭

But...guess who got a grow light this year? Yours.  

Happy much?!! Xander warned me not to post the “inappropriate” content. But...YOU are inappropriate. They are tomatoes!  

Plus...look a little closer and see what I found.

In the middle of my basement storage room. Somehow, this little guy/gal found his way to the crop.  💕#daymade. I love little life.

Even this Pita. (Do the acronym.) Who really prefers to have a car seat. He’s just a baby chihuahua, after all.

Well...that’s all folks. Sometimes it feels like the ship is sinking. (And to be honest...if the water is too hot, we throw in some ice “bergs” and pretend it is.)

But...if you hang on to the hope, the faith and the gratitude, you’ll be blessed by brighter days, just around the corner. I promise. I promise you! (There I go with the lyrical quoting again. Sorry not sorry!)

Love always,

Yours truly