Eden Turned 16 in Sanibel!

 I had a rough day. So...who cares? It happens. I cry. And I move on. Happy Sunday! I am hoping for a better week.

Evan is VIP

How can I complain with this kid by my side?!! Two things: 

1) I started sobbing spontaneously and uncontrollably in his presence. And when I said I’m sorry I don’t know why, he said, “It’s probably, Jesse.” How can a 7yo be so intuitive?!!! 

2) I took him out of school early this week. He told his teacher he knew why, but it was “private”. I asked. He legitimately thought I pulled him out of school for Pokemon Go. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  (Gotta catch em all!) 😂😭😱

Eden is 16!

“My delight” turned 16 in Sanibel without me.  😭💔. But she managed to make it special by giving her brothers money for treats and arranging a synced Disney + family movie night. And she chose one of my personal faves...WALL-E.  💕. How am I so fortunate?!!

Tree Climber

And this. My first. My tree-climbing Tarzan. My Pet-inarian. How much longer do you think I can keep her around? She is so strong and competent. And...getting ready for her full-time job...at 19!  😱

Bathroom Remodel 2021

I may be suffering from burnout. I have a tendency to be easily hurt and tearful when I am overly stressed. But the good news is...the tile is done! And so is the grout!! So...we just wait for it to dry. And the pace can relax once the shower is working. (Hoping for soon!)

My big regret. I think he is teething, and things have been so off, but..Jesse. He has been so bad. You can clearly see that even HE knows it. 🤷‍♀️😭

Jesse and Oswald

Poor Oswald. But, then...on second glance...I feel a bit sorry for Jesse, too. Because in a way, I am Jesse, and Oswald is the world...all haughty and looking at me like I am the world’s greatest disappointment. This is the reason I let all the judgments in my brain find a home there as well. Judgment hurts. And who are you to judge??!!

Poor sad, sneaky, ornery Jesse

And after all...the bad guy is genuinely sorry for his mistakes. We try so hard, despite our failure...don’t we, Jesse?!!

The Cutest Blowfish
There’s not much left but to count our blessings and find the gratitude in the midst of our hurt and defeat. A new day is dawning just around the corner...and my girls will be back home with me!
💕...where they, and EVERYONE (in the genuine...and not just a fake but passionate soap box sense of the word) belong/s.

Sanibel Sunset

P.S.  I LOVE the people who read to the end!  You are my favorites.  To you, my beloved, let it be known that I realized after posting this that I had a separate highlight on 3 of my 4 children.  Ummm...sorry Dillon.  Not at all intended.  He is an amazing kid, with amazing things going on in his world.  But he is also in that pre-teen, leave me alone/give me attention phase.  So...just doin' my best over here.  ;)