My Dad Turned 70! And other news...

I’ve been thinking a lot about “perspective” this week.
-My dad turned 70...old is perspective.
-My chicken (Big Mama) did an old friend’s child ...heartache is perspective.
-I am disgusted with so many things about myself...and a child tells me, “You are the best!” value is perspective.
There is rarely any truth in the perspectives of this world, and I am struggling to hang on to the hope of an exponentially better eternity...because sometimes that just doesn’t do much to help me through NOW. I can only make so much lemonade. I am running out of sugar, and we seem to be drowning in lemons.
But...even when I am struggling and there are ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWERS, I will cling to my faith...if not solely because I’ve been dramatically convinced...then also because I am stubborn and REFUSE to be bested.

Today, I tried to treat my parents to something uniquely special. It didn’t go as planned.  We were completely forgotten by the obviously overwhelmed (and probably new) waitress.  I was more angry and upset than it was worth.  I checked my anger and held my respectful to the best of my ability.  I still offered an above average tip. So..the lemonade was sweet...but I am affected.  I wish I could learn to NOT be affected.

Now, this night was special!  We had dinner at Olive Garden with most of the grandkids (even 3/5 of the Trenton crew made it!!) and Matt had a miracle...he didn't call in (that NEVER happens). It was the night to remember. Simple. Special. Blessed.

Perspective. These two, though. 😳 Can you believe he is 70?!! My dad turned 70.  

It is hard when I start to slowly notice his aging. (It is harder to notice my own!). He will forever be the hero in my life, and I just pray that I inherit that black (more than gray) hair!  (I'm losing hope with each kid that comments on the grey hairs on top of my head.  I refuse to look...they are blonde, kids.)

This kid has made it possible for us all to survive the last few years. He was not easily won, but I would sacrifice it all again! #mysweetEvan

This kid has made it possible for us all to survive the last few years. He was not easily won, but I would sacrifice it all again!  I am one lucky mama.  #myboys. 

Btw...I feel like I should apologize to the couple in the background, but they were so nice!!  I have a feeling they wouldn't mind.

All my children made it!! This is becoming more and more rare; but, as it turns out, they rarely decline free food at a restaurant. It is a scarcity around here. (Hey...I am fiscally responsible. They have survived the Sam’s version for this long...) #mygirls

-1 that magically disappeared prior to the photo shoot...and a few more that couldn’t make it. But...we were grateful for those who could. Grandad and the cousins.  💕

All in all, I think the old man had a sufficient celebration!

In other news:

I lost Big Mama this week.

I loved this old girl. She survived six years (estimated), an opossum attack (she was wounded!), 2 new brood additions, and some recent bitterly cold temps. I can’t fully remember her background, but she may well have been linked to my last visit to Kerri’s I’m not going to research too hard.  💔

I wasn’t her biggest fan (and honestly suspected her of egg eating) until I saw her protecting the eggs. And then she welcomed (and protected) the latest trio...that brought me so much difficulty integrating.

Matt came home from a 12 and buried her for me 🙏, because that is the ONLY way I could let go. Her place is here...

So...on to happier-ish things...

We ordered a “shepherd mix”...we got this ☝🏻😂. I finally understand where Jesse gets his zoomies. (Chihuahua, though?!!! )😱

I guess Forrest was just NEVER know what you are going to get!

Hang in there my friends. Beyond every mountain is a beautiful beach.  🏝 (I mean...maybe not, but let’s pretend!) 

I, personally, need mine to be a beach. ☀️☀️☀️

Happy Sunday. Good night!