Baseball Mom!


Life is a bowl of cherries...or chocolates...whatever.  You don't know what you are going to get.  Sometimes you get a bad one in the midst of the good.  (I grew those cherries, by the way! 👆)

I'm just out here tryna' live my best life as a new baseball mom. 😱

Oh my goodness.  Baseball momming is exhausting!  I GOT to make sure he has his glove and his uniform and his bat and his hat and his sunglasses before we drive all over the country to play ball, like...every stinking weekend. (Is there a list somewhere?!!!) And oh, by they way, I'm going to need sunscreen and snacks and drinks and money case I get bored while sweating in the blazing sun, these people are not joking around at their baseball 10u tournament games.  Not kidding.  One team even had announcers and walk-up songs for their batters.  (I couldn't quit laughing.  How am I supposed to take these babies that seriously when I just want to pinch their cheeks?!!)  

Whew!  It takes every ounce of energy I have to shout my own little guy through the insecurities, frustrations and self-defeat to keep him psychologically stable enough to execute the game.  You guys...this is intimidating.  I just released him from rec league.  This is what I have been avoiding all this time.  

Alas, there is really nowhere else to go at this point.  If he wants to keep playing, it's only going to get more intimidating from here on out, and I'm going to have to teach him to face it all and overcome.  

...And train him, I will.  I think I've done pretty well up to this point...coaching the kid from t-ball on to walk off rec league into 10UAA...I must have done something right...can I get an AMEN?!

Anyway, have no fear...I will not be leaving my 10 year old to deal with this transition on his own, and if that means outshouting the coach or the other team's parents...well, then, I may just have to go home without a voice, leaving everyone staring me down as I walk away. (She said what?!!  Yep.  I said that.) So be it.

Today, he shined.  He pitched four great innings, despite a lot of frustration.  He didn't lose his head.  He kept it in the game, and he kept performing well.  (I think it helped he was well rested.)  He even got an important hit to tie the game and try to pull them out of the loss.  I am one proud mama.  

But I am most proud of the fact that he maintained his character and integrity by continuing to be kind, respectful and supportive to his teammates in the midst of everything.  This is more important to me than ANY game he ever plays.  #characterdevelopment

And I can't say we haven't been rewarded.  Remember that time when that Royals player showed up to your tournament and spoke directly to you, son?  I can't provide a better experience than that...I've tried. momming is not for the weak of ticker's pretty strong, and I think we all know I am NOT weak...or afraid.  So, not going to be giving up anytime soon over here.  We don't tend to accept defeat this side of the fence.

I hope you are hanging in there with me.  I really believe every victory, however small, will count for something greater in the end.  And, one will have been worth all the heartache in overcoming the incessant, daily trials and tribulations.  

With love, 
Your Homie.