Happy Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day!

There is no misery quite like the one in which Co-Vid meets the DMV.  A.G.O.N.I.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!  We waited for 2 hours (with friends, however ironic, Thank you, God!).  They were ahead of us and kept checking the wait times.  45 minutes after a 45 minute notice, they were told it would be another hour.  We all got the heck out of Dodge.  I drove a little further rural, because I WILL NOT be defeated by the anyone, let alone the lady at the DMV who kept swearing up and down it was totally legit that they had managed to serve 3 customers in 2 hours.

I can totally head rural, folks...I was BORN rural.  And you cannot take the rural out of the girl.  Besides, BY GOD, my daughter was going to GET her permit.

And...all that said, our neighborhood officially has a newly permitted driver.  She can thank her mother's "Ain't NOTHING Gonna Break My Stride" tenacity.  My mama didn't raise no weak quitter.  And none of these kids are going to appreciate all that until they are about 40, so I'll just keep self praising my efforts until then.

Check out her first time behind the wheel!

Look out neighbors...she is definitely a noob. 

Life has been so weird.  I found this in my backyard:

I was surprised at how clean it was.  I was also totally grateful it was not MY rabbit's leg.  I am still too nervous to leave him out overnight.  So, he comes in for bedtime.  💕

I was also so grateful I have really good neighbors, because my femininity reared its lovely head, and there was NO WAY I was going to "take care" of that rabbit's leg in my backyard.  And there was also NO WAY I was going to let Evan spot it, because I did not want to have to deal with that level of sorrow.  So, when I spied one of the male folk working outside, fortuitously close to my fence, I hesitated NONE to ask him for a huge favor.  I was not surprised in the least that he happily obliged.

The weirder part of the whole story is that, when I relayed the details to Xander later that day, she had a story of her own.  This is what she heard the night before:

We live in a subdivision in the suburbs.  😱  And I don't know about you, but...however slightly frightening to know these guys are out there so close...it is also TOTALLY awesome to have caught it all happening right outside our door.  #discovernature

The fun is never-ending over here.  Really.  Honestly.  Truly.  I am so beat-down tired.  There is just so much to manage over here.  And every time I...turn around...there is a new chaotic circus show, and I am the ring-leader, trying to tame the tiger and maintain all the acts.  And there is no finale.  We just keep circus-ing until I lock my door and crash...Then, I wake up and do it all over again.

Starting to feel a little redundant.  I definitely caught myself, upon waking up the other morning, thinking, "UGH!  I don't want to do another day."

Red flag.  Red flag. 

Fortunately, coffee and coke got me through the doldrums, and I made it.  However, I definitely noted that I needed a very REAL break.

Matt read my mind.  He took me for an early Mother's Day (because he will be on call that day), late afternoon celebration.  We headed out to a new, neighbor-recommended trail, with just ourselves and our two bikes.  And we rode for 9 miles on a lovely, cool day in a lovely, green environment with creeks and bridges and shady nooks with picnic benches.  And he was goofy, and we were together-alone.  And I rode ahead most of the time, just enjoying the view...and he said HIS view was wonderful, too.  😂💕  And, as I rounded one bend, I caught my typical, literal-Spock-blunt thought, "Oh, yeah.  When I am with him, I realize why I don't mind being alive so much."  Oh yeah.  😱🤦‍♀️😂  My wonderful, melancholy mind.  #ecclesiastes

Happy Mother's Day to all.  Just for the record...I am remembering ALL of you for whom this day happens to be particularly hard.  Be it the loss of motherhood in miscarriage or infertility, the death of your own mother, or the absence of a REAL mother in your life...I know your grief, and I care.  💕  Much love and blessings.

Your Homie.