Let's Make DIY Hand Sanitizer!

In the midst of world-wide panic and pandemic, I consider it soothing to find practical ways to cope.  Making things from scratch is one way I assure myself I am competent to survive just about anything.

Since I happen to have a couple of aloe plants lying around, and I am ALWAYS looking for fun new things to try (and ways to use my prolific aloe plants), I figured we should jump on the trend to make our own hand sanitizer.

And what better homeschool science activity?  Am I right?!!

I mean...we still have half of the gallon-sized sanitizer we bought at Sam's months ago (a year ago?), but...there is definitely room for more, if it is home-made.  We love trying things naturally and from scratch around this little suburban homestead.

So, grab your ingredients, and join us to make your own hand sanitizer!

Here's what we used:

3/4 isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
1/4 cup aloe (we used raw aloe, but you can use storebought gel)
a few drops of lemon oil
a few drops of tea tree oil
a few drops of lavendar