Th...Th...Th...That's all Folks!

Funny thing...this Winter Break started out a little rough around the edges, for multiple reasons.  I found myself wondering if maybe I should NOT stop the train that is Kristen Shanna.  Turn off this engine, and you may never get her to run again...just sayin'.  

I was a little worried. the end of it, with all the additional tasks out of the way, and the sun up and shining again...I'm now left wondering if I really NEED to go back at all.  

Why did I drop the stay-home gig again???  

Oh, right.  Because the grass is always greener.  I am finding myself having to re-convince myself how much I really do love both of my jobs, and how rewarding they are.  (Less convincing required to remind myself I like this whole double-income financial freedom thing.)  'Cause I kind of dig the Kristen-can-do-whatever-Kristen-wants-to-do vibe.  😀

Of course, we all know the inherent danger that comes with that vibe, as well!  😱  It took all of about 20 years to learn that Kristen needs all kind of boundaries for Kristen's own protection.  For one, when left to my own, unrestrained devices, I generally take on WAY more than I can handle, and I end up exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed.  FYI...break-down-mode Kristen is NOT fun to try and reset.  I'm sure the Hub would be glad...well, no...he would never tell.  He is too thoughtful and caring.  (I, however, will air it ALL, because... 📢.  I think out loud.)

I DO love my projects, though.  👆  Check out my greenhouse garden idea.  My radishes are flourishing with all the sunshine, as am I, finally.  I have green onion roots re-sprouting, and beets just coming up.  I decided I wanted to try to grow my own lettuce in winter, because of that time I found out the romaine I'd just eaten was recalled for E coli.  No wonder I didn't feel well that weekend.  🤦‍♀️😱🤮

Unfortunately, I have yet to see any of the lettuce come up...or the tomato I decided to experiment with.  BUT...the weather has been fair enough that I found some volunteer starts in the back garden!  And, fortunately for me, I have a second clear container.  I am hoping for a homegrown salad sometime in late January/early February.

As always, I have to remember there is a certain ratio of failure/mistake with any project I attempt.  

So far, the bunny project is going well.  After the first year's complete-matting-fiasco, I have been consistent in getting him carefully brushed (and wool harvested) every week with few variances.  He sheds, particularly, prior to Spring and Winter, so those times require a little more careful focus.  Otherwise, I can sometimes gap it to a week and a half or two.  (But I usually have to get out my de-matting tool out if I do.)

No time to spin the wool, as of yet, but I have a whole bunch of gallon-sized bags ready and awaiting my comb and my wheel.  (Making myself finish the skeins I started before I can dig in to this textural delight. This angora, though!!)

I know.  It is odd the things that make me happy. year, new pants.  👆  On a particularly blue (emotionally) day.  I gathered my coping skills together and decided a new project is what I needed to cheer my soul.  I am notoriously BAD at sewing.  So, the good Lord only knows what made me decide to try again.  However, I did good.  I over-looked my mistakes as part of the learning process, and I took my time (it's an acquired skill 😉) with small steps.  

They turned out imperfect, but COMFY.

Another coping strategy:  In case you didn't know...I kind of like birds. (I have made friends with a Bluejay...isn't THAT ironic?  Seriously, though.  He comes and calls me to bring out bits of stale bread in the mornings.)  🤓🤷‍♀️  Well, this new spot for the feeder is in the perfect spot for viewing my little birdie friends during my morning Bible time.  So, yeah.  I'm happy about it.  Project success.

We got, relatively, skunked fishing.  So the feed-ourselves-with-our-own-hands "project" kind of failed.  But, the time together outside, and the lovely skies were a better harvest, anyway.  It's all in how you look at it.

This day hit me again.  (Her birthday) 😢  Sadly, it comes around every stinkin' year. 

I'm not one to be all that great with calendar and dates.  (Surely, you know that by now?!!)  But there are a few, specifically heart-rending (or warming) dates that are eternally etched in my whole being.  No calendar reminder needed, Siri, thanks.

I just have to cope through the heartrending days...the losses, the unfulfilled desires, the hurts, the aches, the failures and the pain...and focus on the blue skies above, when I can.  

(The planes were flying so low on my walk...there was a thick grey mass of clouds they were trying to stay below on the way to KCI, I think.  It made for some lovely viewing for me.)

And speaking of planes and travel...this guy finally got the Christmas present he waited for.  He chose to wait for this specific gift, and I don't know who was more excited.  I had to be pretty clever to track it.  FYI...Amazon tracking is just NOT up-to-date.  However, Japan post (who has a remarkably helpful website, btw...) and USPS kept me informed.  I watched this little treasure travel from Hiroshima to Osaka to toy is more well-traveled than his mom. was fun watching his progress and updating the kid...who is soooooo super happy to have a Mega, Shiny Gengar (yep...that's a thing) straight from the Pokemon Center in Japan.  Happy Kid = Happy Mom.

And do you want to know the most major development of break?  Guess who slept in his OWN bed last night?  (insert the Hallelujah chorus)  Yep.  I gave him a treat, and then bribed him with another Pokemon reward if he will do it all month.  And that is a progress I am definitely hoping to track!

Happy get-back-to-work week, (suck it up, Buttercup), with a Whole Lotta Love! 🎶