Last Man Standing

Well...(have you ever noticed how many times I've started a post with well...?  I don't know.  It must be a thing? 🤷‍♀️...anyway) ...the Last Man Standing has finally fallen.  I made it through Christmas break and all the way through the first two weeks, and thank goodness we had a work from home snow day Friday, because I finally got knocked Down with the Sickness.  And I can make it through sit down tasks, but my energy is all wrapped up in fighting this virus, so any other requirement leaves me run down in about 1000th (fyi...I keep adding zeros to emphasize the point.  I started at 10.) the normal time span.

That said.  My lovely neighbor introduced me to elderberry syrup last year, and this year I discovered the tablets.  I am completely and utterly evangelized.  These tablets worked like Sudafed, only it's a homeopathic recipe (and you KNOW that makes me happy!), so I can take one every three hours.  Initially, I balked at the "let it dissolve in your mouth" instructions, because YUCK!  But I took a chance on the promise that it "Tastes great!"  And guess what.  Yumm-O!  I firmly believe this little gem has shortened an illness that I've seen linger for a month or two.  (Poor baby girl!  Wish I'd thought to have HER try it.)

[Terribly distracted and seemingly unrelated bunny trail.  You are shocked, I'm sure.]  Speaking of "balked," did you know Balto was NOT the real hero?  It was actually Togo.  Thank you Disney Plus for educating me on this true historical heroism.  I highly recommend the movie. 💕

And...speaking of Disney Plus...I have officially started the get-him-by-during-the-pre-order-arrival-wait Baby Yoda.  This may have required a pit stop after work,'s for the good of the cause.

We won't even discuss that huge (and welcome!) donation I accepted this week.  (Your giving away your stash?  Yes.  Did you really think it was a question?)  No worries.  I had it all sorted, organized and conspicuously added to my existing collection before he was any the wiser.  (What new yarn?!) 😁

Of course, you know, I am George Washington, Jr.  "I cannot tell a lie."  (Ask my sister!)  Besides, he never says no to yarn.  He knows and faithfully keeps the golden rule about mama.

Yarn has kept me through all of the chaos, and it is a little more than important to "keep" mama.  This week's tragedy was new online college courses.  "Quick everybody...panic!"  Thank God I have recent experience in getting cheaper access to books and class codes, because (I'm sorry...I HAVE to say it) those bookstores are highway robbery!

Also...Thank God I have recent experience with Blackboard and the whole online college class format.  I think after today I finally have her organized and able to access all the documents she needs to complete this thing.  😅

Last week's tragedy was just getting up every morning and getting through each day.  (One. Step. At. A. Time.)  I think we are finally back in routine.  Well...actually, we had to start a new routine, because someone enjoys the bed a little too much, and I couldn't stand the ensuing tantrums I was having to endure.  I HAD to find a better way.  Thank you, Skillet.  He now wakes up a little less cranky, with his favorite Godzilla song, "Feel Invincible" blasting on repeat.  Whatever works.  🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I'm feeling a little less whiny about going back to work.  I even had a REALLY exciting opportunity for some very fortunate students arise this week.  We will be going on a pretty cool job shadow in February, and I am excited (and relieved...because I HAVE to organize job shadows in February, and it's not really my thing).

However, hands down, my favorite moment of the week was when I pulled out a tissue for a male student (who obviously needed one), and he said, "That's a nice bag."  😱  Probably the last thing I expected him to noticed, but it made my day to say, "Oh...thanks.  I made it."  😁  I wish they were all that sweet.  BUUUUUUTTTTT...we gotta deal with both.  So....

Ummm...let me leave with you this new inspirational twist on an old inspirational song.  (A past favorite of mine.  Can someone create one for my darling Westley?!😉😂)  I want to publicly thank J.J. Abrams (because I know he is desperate to hear my opinion on the film) for NOT disappointing me in the realization of the potential I saw all along the way. #riseofskywalker I am satisfied.

*video provided by: Randomnesis Check it out on FB!