Twenty Years

Twenty years!  Twenty stinking, pretty awesome, some horrendous, years, my homies.  I mean...between you and me...I was initially surprised he had kept my interest for 3 months.  Just sayin'...I kind of have a notoriously short attention span.

And I mean to tell you..this guy has earned ALL of those 20 years.  He has held tight with his passionate, angry Irishman, loyal-and-I-demand-your-loyalty passion through some very tough (word I'm not allowed to say out loud, let alone refer to on my blog).

But...speaking of weddings.  Oh my goodness...were you NOT there?!!  Because ALL of my homies deserve a very personal invitation to my wedding...I mean, the biggest day of my life, right?!!  And even if you WERE there, I'm sure you would like to relive that special moment, for sure.  (Actually, if you are really close, you will appreciate the visual of the many, many ones we have lost since August 14, 1999.  πŸ’•) So, here is your very personal, very private-link-only, invitation to my wedding, 20 years ago:  (p.s. Don't freak out.  There is not really any sound for the first few minutes.)  Also, you can fast forward whenever you want, because (if we are ALL being honest) weddings are SOOOO boring!  I hated the organ.  I very specifically asked for piano.  Butttttt...Just be sure to NOT miss the part where I have to snort, because #drip.  (I am eternally embarrassed about that moment...and it's caught on film.  😱)  For future brides...just...bring a hankie.  And you may want to exclude extremely pregnant sisters from the bridesmaids list.  (#faint...where'd the other one go?!! πŸ˜‚)  Also...double check the candles on the candleabra BEFORE the big day, just to be sure!  And definitely, definitely use a push cart, because...that baby was the BEST PART OF THE WEDDING, I think!  (Just FYI...I found his little tux in the downtown KC river market for really cheap.!)   Ok.  Enjoy, you die hards, because this is excluding facebook friends  (we all know facebook friends are not ALWAYS real!)  This invite is special for the real homies...the ones who click through and check it ALL...even the blog. πŸ’•to you!