She got good content, right?

In case you think you've ever had a bad week...just multiply it by about a hundred thousand million, and you will begin to inch your way closer to mine.  Uh...meh...gud.  😒

Seriously, though.  It was bad.  Did you ever have to walk up to your Goliath physique neighbor and say, "Hi, my name is Kristen, and apparently my daughter was riding your (bleep) and really (bleeped) you off!"  Because you yell at her every time she drives by your house, and now she is really scared to even get in her car?  Nope?!!!  Well...welcome to Kristen Shanna...And Everything Else.

Because that's what it is really starting to feel like.  Everything else.  Everyone else.  Everyone else's problem just kind of tends to land on...MEH.

Did you ever have to go to your kid's school and go into the principal's office, which is MUCH LESS SCARY when you DIDN'T DO IT?  Just sayin', 1994..., Did you ever have to say to your kid's principal, "I just want to hear a little more about your meeting with ______."  And then have the principal tell you he was no harsher in tone than you are currently being now, and thinking "I am NOT your Mama!"

Did you ever be such an honest person that you get yourself into trouble over the most STUPID and innocent things....but, no.  I know the answer to that, because none of us are innocent, really.  We are ALL just as guilty as the next.  GUILTIER, perhaps...I'm watching you!

Oh, my goodness, I am on a roll!  Do you want to know the BEST part of my week?  I mean, I had a roller coaster of emotions.  Bad review.  Good review.  Kid in crisis.  Client in crisis.  Student in...need.  I'M IN CRISIS!  I got this.  Add on a responsibility?!  For sho...  Add on another, I dare you!  I am adulting until there is nothing left of me to adult anymore.  Grind me into the ground until I'm done, 'yall.  I got this!

But...hands down...the BEST part of my week goes to the sincere friend.  I haven't seen sincere friend since all of about June of last year.  But as I am walking my way to the baseball field on the first day of practice, and I am ridiculously beaten by a HORRIBLE week, and I want to kill every one in my path...but then...I hear the faint sound of my name..."kriiiiiiiisstenn."  And I turn, and there she is, and we run to each other and hug...and the smell of her perfume is a drastically pleasant contrast to my offensive 'ode de player.'  And I say, "Ahhhh...I've missed you."

And she replies, "I don't feel as if we've been a day apart, since I've creeped your page this whole time.  I feel as though I know your every move."

Ahhhhhh...friend...You are the reason I do what I do.  Stalk and stalk away!  If it makes you feel a minuscule amount less alone in this big, lonely world, it will have been all the more worth it to me.

Love you all,

Aaaaaaaannnnd Gooodnight!