Take Me With You

Well...what I thought was going to be an almost boringly slow week, of course, turned out to be pretty busy, in the end.  It was kind of a wrap-up week.  I was finishing up with schools for their winter break and finishing with hours for my internship, because...I am SOOOOOO done with my first semester of my last class ever!  And I am just about to cash my check at the bank, 'cause I am so on track to graduate in May.  (Just kidding.  Graduation doesn't come with a check.  It actually comes with debt...just so we are clear. 😉)

I started the week with an after-work school event.  I am so cynical when it comes to these, and I was soooooo feeling The Grinch about it. What kind of Mom doesn't love kids' programs?!!  For real?  You guys...I really don't like choir concerts and programs and special school events.  Like...at all.  Am I a bad mom?  Please don't tell my kids, because, apparently I have developed a bit of a poker face.  And I am really hoping to keep the secret on this one.  It's just...I am not super excited to be forced into a crowd where I have to sit still (in uncomfortable chairs in uncomfortably close quarters) and watch a group of...I mean...I'm just going to stop there.  See!  There ARE times when I can hold my tongue (even though I REALLY want to finish that sentence!!!  I am so self-controlled.  Go...me.)

But, don't worry, y'all!  Edie stepped up and offered to go.  My heart was warmed by the fact that I would have a little support with Evan, since Matt had to work and it was ALL on me.  Never mind the fact that the boy Xander keeps accusing Eden of "liking" (sheesh...she's in 8th grade.  Leave it alone!), happens to have a brother in Dillon's grade.  Well...here's the thing.  Do you remember how your mother ALWAYS found out EVERYTHING about you?  Turns out, she doesn't have any control over it either.  Truth just happens to come out into the light...regardless of poor, innocent, Mom's intentions.  To be honest, there are some things I really DON'T want to know.

But, then.  Ok, so Dillon had told me he had a "speaking part" about five seconds before the show.  Just let that sink in.  Do you envision what I envision with a "speaking part" in the school program, grade 4?  Right?  The little awkward (did I say that?) interlude script that is supposed to tie all of the songs together.  But no!  My kid doesn't walk to the mic until they start singing "Hot Chocolate" from The Polar Express.  Are you kidding me?!  My Dillon, leading, "Soooo...we got it!  Yeah, we got it."  Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate!  Cutest thing EVER!

But the BEST part of the entire program (other than the fact that it was finally a little organized, 'cause I'm just sayin'...the last 3 years have been...Pictures, SCATTERED pictures...), but my favorite part was the time when this kid just decided she had had ENOUGH (before the program even began), and MY Dillon was like, uhhhhh, nope.  So, he happened to be behind her, and he tapped her on the shoulder and motioned for her to stand...and guess what.  Kid, totally listened to him and stood up...for the rest of the program.  What?!!  My kid is BOSS.  Now, I have a visual on why his teacher keeps saying he is a leader and a role model.

Speaking of my BOSS kid.  He also got an award at school this week, which entitled me and Evan to go eat pizza with him by the Netflix fire in the school library.  (Don't get me started...don't even get me started.)  Of course, please don't think for a moment, if you are the mother of 4 who happens to have a full-time job AND an internship at a crisis center, that you will have one little moment free to enjoy a pizza party on your son's behalf.  'Cause other son was like, "When do I get to go back to grandma's?"  And teenage girl was like "DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA...text...DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA."  Oh...my goodness!  Can you please not text me such elaborately, dramatic texts and then NOT RESPOND TO MY CALLS?!!!  I am (bad word) driving my 5 yo to my 9 yo's special award party.  Sheesh!  (You guys...I am so traumatized just reliving all of this.  Only for you, homies!  Only with the hope that you will benefit from the humor or enlightenment of my exhausting existence.)

But, seriously.  I had the sweetest moment with a teen this week.  One of those payday moments.  This youth was in upheaval and had sooooo many questions.  And I was so glad to spend so much time time together, but I really didn't know a lot of the answers, because there are so many unknowns for these kids.  And it really stinks to have to tell them that, but...I don't even try to promise the positive outcomes they desire, because I really don't have a lot of control over the outcomes.  But I do promise to provide every bit of support and encouragement I can to help provide them with the ability to cope with whatever outcome they might face.  And this particular youth...just wanted to know so many things, like, "If I transfer to another shelter...do you come with me?"  You guys!!! Oh my goodness!  I just...so much of me wanted to shout, "Yes!  Of course, I do."

But we all know that is not true.  I can not follow this youth anymore than I can follow...any of the youth or students that I work with.  The only thing I CAN do is pray and hope that whatever little impact I have is enough to spark a flame that just might encourage a person to keep on keeping on.  Because, oh my goodness, you guys!!!  Keeping on keeping on is not easy!!  But I am determined to do it, if only for the opportunity to show these kids it is possible to keep on keeping on throughout all of the struggle and challenge and sorrow we face.  It is my sole purpose and desire to demonstrate to them that it is possible to both keep on keeping on AND to keep on remaining positive in the midst of all this.  But, as far as I can surmise, there is only one reason behind that possibility, and fyi...that is my faith that there is hope in a savior for the miserable, sinful, evil, decaying, all-around nasty parts of this existence.

And speaking of the Savior, we went to Worlds of Fun Winterfest this week.  And there I was, in Africa, by the old Zulu that is still running, and I immediately smelled animals.  And wouldn't you know it, they had a nativity set up with carolers singing worship songs, and there were all kinds of animals in pens around it.  It was such a wonderful display.  And of course, I'm sure someone will come along to ruin it in the future years (Good grief, you guys...they had other religions represented, too.  Calm down!), but for now...on this day...we got to experience the most lovely Christmas display I have yet to see.  Heartwarming!

And speaking of Christmas, we are facing, in stride, the disappointment that Matt had to take call on Christmas Day and might not be home with us.  (We have been fortunate to avoid it so far.)  So, we have decided to celebrate tomorrow, as if it is Christmas Day.  And, then, if we get to keep him on Christmas Day, well...that will just be a bonus.

In other words, I will most likely have a long night tonight with kids too excited to sleep.  But, it's all good.  After all, it's Christmas!  And I am on break.  💕

Merry, Merry, Homies!  A Happy Christmas to you!!  I hope it's a good one!