Wow...the teenage the parent!

So this is just fun.  We can't seem to have one drama-free event, and everyone is arguing, arguing,
arguing.  And I keep doing everything wrong, and I can't hold my tongue...and I think just about everyone is mad at or offended by me right about now.  Am I just an argumentative person?!'t answer that.

I'm trying to be content in the midst of the storm, but EVERY DAY have to be a storm?!  I know I'm over-reacting, but I kind of feel like I know what Paul meant when he talked about living with a thorn in his side.  There is always something.  Always a bomb about to drop or a meltdown around the corner.  Disappointment.  Heartache.  Sorrow.  Setbacks.  I'm trying to find the eye of this hurricane, so maybe I can get a moment of peace.

I feel beaten, and I just can't seem to catch a break.

Even my one particularly solid helper is starting to get a teen attitude.  What has happened to my peaceful life?!!  I find myself doing and saying things I can't believe...acting like a toddler with NO own big girl tantrums.  I am LOSING it under this constant pressure.

But...I think I'm going to choose to believe this is just part of the experience.  There is a brighter day around the corner.  Right?

I saw this beautiful girl once.  I, and her smile could light up the room.  She wore this lovely red dress and a sweet smile, and her voice was just as sweet.  And I saw her heart, and it was so eager, so filled with good intention...but I also knew her secret.  She was so hard on herself!  She wanted to be the perfect Mom,the perfect wife, the perfect everything...and she was so beautiful.  She was not perfect.  No one is.  In tough moments, she got so hung up on her flaws.  She couldn't see the forest for the trees.  She thought ALL of her trees were ugly and horrid.  And she was so wrong.  She missed all the beauty I could so plainly see.  And I loved her.  And I told her to give herself grace, and I so hope she does, because the whole of her is beautiful, and I have hope for her...hope that there is something so much more than all of this bitter strife.

So...sometimes I cling to a fraying string, but I cling.  #gratitude

I had the privilege of seeing a few of my nieces and nephews today.

Evan was so excited to see his cousins he screamed and ran to hug them.

I love these kids.

Happy Independence Day!  Who the Son sets free is free indeed.  Not feeling particularly free right now, but feeling doesn't always match up with truth.  And I'm gonna choose stand on truth to the bitter end.  It's where all my hope resides.