Family Blog - Sanibel 2015 Day 2


Kristen Shanna Family Blog
I was up by 6 a.m.  I debated trying to go back to sleep, but the house was sooooo quiet, and that was soooooo inviting to me.  So, I got up at 6- yep...that's early for me.

It is amazing how early you can get up when you actually want to get out of bed.  (Like Saturday morning after a crummy work week.) 😂

I managed to figure out the newfangled Keurig machine on my own (ok...after a lesson or two).  I made myself a lovely little iced mocha…YUM! 

And I was outside to watch the world wake up.  Just me, a book and a blanket (because even Sanibel is a little cool in winter) and this AMAZING view...Sanibel...

AHHHHH to be outside in the middle of winter, experiencing the world wake up. What joy!

I have a newfound appreciation for that evil word, m.o.r.n.i.n.g.

Kristen Shanna Family Blog
I am in awe at how happy a slow day can be, when you are in Sanibel, FL.  Slow days don't usually equate to good in Liberty, MO.

We went to the beach around 10 a.m.  The kids played and searched for shells.  Xander (naturally) found a sea urchin, a sea sponge and lots of tiny clam-like creatures.  (Who does that?!!)

We dug in the sand and went for long walks on the endless beach.

Evan was mad when he got knocked down by the suction of the water returning to sea.  Of course...when it happened to Dillon later, and Dillon that it was funny.  Suddenly, it became HILARIOUS to Evan.

It was almost as hilarious as his pants, which would NOT STAY UP!  All. Day. Long.  They kept falling down as he walked around.  Little droopy drawers.

I had a special moment with Debbie when we got home.  The kids were crashed in their rooms.  Deb and I sat outside together.  She read.  I knit.  Together.  Alone.  (That NEVER happens!) Outside. In the quiet.  In the warm. With our feet up.  Did I mention together?   I will cherish that moment forever. 💕
Kristen Shanna Family Blog

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful mother-in-law! <3  Did I mention I hand-picked her?

I went fishing in the…what do I call it?  Creek…lagoon…pond-like area behind the house.  No alligators as of yet, but the girls did catch some lizards.

We also got to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset on the beach and a dolphin playing out on the horizon.

What a wonderful, relaxing day.  I am looking forward to fishing on the ocean tomorrow.  Oh my gooodness!! I am going to fish in the ocean tomorrow!  I LOVE SANIBEL!

Kristen Shanna Family Blog