Archived Homeschool Blog - Winter 2014

It has been a long winter for me. I was sick for quite awhile during and after my pregnancy. I ended up in the hospital just two weeks after Evan was born. I had been having gall bladder attacks, though I did not know what they were, during the pregnancy. (Terrible pain!!) By the time I had it removed, it was full of stones. I had a complication during surgery, and I ended up developing pancreatitis. (Even more painful!!) I had to stay in the hospital for a week, and I was in pain for two weeks.

During that time, I honestly thought I might never get better. I am so grateful to be pain free and healthy today!
Unfortunately, I have suffered some pretty severe depression in the aftermath. I think it was a mixture of postpartum, seasonal affect, and a natural response to a year-long series of chaotic and challenging circumstances. 

I am trying to give myself grace right now and treat this illness like I treated my pregnancy and my other illness. I am taking a lot of spiritual medication. I bought a Chronological Life Application Study Bible for my birthday, and I read it every day. I am meeting weekly with my trusted mentor. I have about 3-4 devotions I am reading on a daily or as-needed basis. I have several back-up worship videos saved to a page on pinterest. I have several friends praying for me and certain people I can call for prayer for those extra-tough moments.

I have also put my winter blues strategies into effect: I get as much sunshine as I can. (I sit in a sunny window at least once a day. I have even started sitting outside in the afternoons on cold days. Today it was 15 degrees, but it really doesn't feel that bad in a coat on my sunny porch. doesn't.) ...and for those frustrating cloudy days, my precious M.i.L. got me a "happy light" with 10,000 UV. :)
I also try to get out of the house once a day, as often as I can. I walk 3-5 times a week (outside, on an inside track or on the treadmill), and I keep our days planned out as much as possible. These strategies help me get through tough winters.

And we have had several tough winters over the last few years, with lots of snow...some late in the year. This winter has been no exception. Just this week, we got about 4-5 inches of snow (and the coldest day on record for our area in March!). I was feeling good and decided to try a few of the crafty activities I've tagged on Pinterest.

First, we dyed some Rigatoni pasta for the middles to make into necklaces. 

While we waited for the pasta to dry, I brought some snow inside for play. ...and, then, I went back out for a clean bowl of snow and a clean spoon, so he would stop licking the sand toy! Seriously, son?!

Then, we got clever and decided to dye the snow and make it into a snowman.

Go ahead...ask me where we got that tiny little carrot nose!

From our garden...In the winter! We love to let our carrots grow over the winter and get an early spring surprise.

Once the kids were done playing with the snow, the pasta was dry and ready for necklaces. We had plenty left over to play or craft with next time, so we just put it back in the original box to use later. A fun snow day and some extra sweet memories! Happy Homeschooling!