What Did You Do Today?

What Did You Do Today?

April 4, 2012

Look around my house right now, and you may wonder, “What did you do today?”. 

Okay, the kitchen has been much worse than this, right?

The clothes mess is from the essential winter/spring switchover, which I hope to complete tomorrow??

Allow me to defend:

  • I spent my prime homeschool time working out some INTENSE emotional and spiritual healing with someone whom I love dearly.
  • I spent some time recuperating with the family on a trail we’ve never visited and at the library.
  • I tried to take a nap, woke up to pee and vomit, lost my temper with the kids, and made it up to them by having a play date with cousins.
  • (Thus, I spent time with my niece and nephews.)
  • Bonus: I got my nephew to help make my first batch of powder laundry soap.
  • I helped out a neighbor in need and had a VERY important conversation about God.
  • I pottied trained for the third full day in a row! (Oh, Lord will it ever end?!)
  • I got little bit of work done, here and there, on 2 major reorganizing projects.

So, though it may not appear to the physical senses that I’ve accomplished much today, my Mary heart knows that I have done much.  And that is severely okay with me!

Besides, we already have 15 credits for the week, because the girls and I hit the homeschool books hard on Monday and Tuesday.  (My favorite: Xander earned a Life Skills credit by baking scones with me.  I’m very excited about a new baking cookbook I got, and she’s been interested in cooking later.  We made a perfect combination: homeschool credit and yummy breakfast.)

All in all, we could afford a light day today.  However, I am going to try to get in plenty of credits tomorrow.  I like to have as many months free from the documentation requirements as possible. 

Looking forward: We have homeschool group on Friday!