Our Homeschool Group

Our Homeschool Group

March 3, 2012
We are fortunate to attend a church in which there are a number of other homeschooling families. I knew it was a great opportunity to share the burden one day a month, and to give these homeschool moms and kids a chance to bond together.

I was hesitant to join any existing homeschool groups. It seemed like so many of them were too rigid and had too many rules or requirements. As a new homeschooling mom, I knew could not enter into a group that would emphasize my pre-existing insecurity with a bunch of dominating, opinionated rules.

I create enough unnecessary stress on my own. I simply can't spend a lot of time around people who seek to add to it!

That's why I love our low-key group . I trust that the other homeschool moms are doing a fine job education their children, so my true emphasis for the group is on building relationships. And that is where the homeschool group has been an invaluable part of our education.

Here's how our typical homeschool group lesson day looks:
  • We come together.
  • We serve, through delivering Harvester's food to a local school (who sends them home with at-risk children).
  • We pray together!
  • I usually give a devotion based on a theme, though I recently opened it up for the children to lead...which has been an awesome experience! (This year, the theme is "More of You, God." We are learning about the fruits of the spirit.)
  • Then, one of the moms leads the hour-long lesson each month, based on her preferred topic. (This month, I lead a "Writer's Workshop" using Susan K.'s book binding ideas.)

Additionally, two of the other moms are in charge of planning local field-trip get-togethers for the third Friday of the month.

Because of our relationship-building emphasis, we have really bonded as a group. We are continually growing, which has offered the moms each a chance to connect. (Just yesterday, two of the newer moms were expressing their thankfulness for the relationship they've built this year through the group.)

I have received encouragement in a number of ways: watching my children building relationships and having fun with friends; witnessing multiple ways to juggle the homeschool lifestyle; and offering and receiving prayer support from friends, to name a few. One of the moms even continually encourages me about this homeschool blog, which she often reads!

It is encouraging in so many ways to have this support network of homeschooling friends, which is why I thought to blog about how thankful I am for leading our homeschool group!