Homeschool Organization

Homeschool Organization

March 12, 2012

I recently purchased the cutest calendar on sale at JoAnn’s.  It was a glass frame with a pre-printed blank calendar, which I could fill in with dry-erase markers.

The whole concept got me thinking…I’ve always wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen.  I have several friends who have them, and I always notice their sweet messages. 
However, I don’t like to shop, and I never saw a chalkboard when I was out.

This calendar gave me the idea to create my own.  Here’s how I did it:
  1. I found an old frame in the basement.  It’s about an 11 x 13 in, but you could use any size.  This frame was already painted blue.   I loved the color, but I didn’t like the color with the photo in it.  So, it worked well for a re-purpose.
  2. I picked out a piece of muslin that I had lying around (also in the basement).  I focused on light cloth without a pattern, so the message would be easy to read.  Also, I chose the plain cloth, since I had such a colorful frame.
  3. I measured and cut the material to fit the back of the frame.  This frame had a cardboard back that was once held in place with staples.  I don’t have an industrial staple gun, so I just used heavy duty tape.  It’s ugly, but no one ever sees it, since it sits against the wall.
  4. I put the material into the frame and taped the backing on.

Very simple do-it-yourself kind of craft!

I usually keep a bible verse on our dry erase board.  (I tend to cut the message into a short segment for an easy memory verse.) Sometimes, I use the board for our to-do list, though, so I’m thinking of making another one for this purpose…maybe a self-standing frame I can keep on my dresser??  (I hate wasting paper, but I am definitely a list keeper!

Happy Homeschool Organization!