Gravity Science Project

Gravity Science Project

2/29/2012...Happy Leap Day!

We started a new book for science this week, The Real Scientist Investigates... Forces.

So far, so good. We read the intro and did the first experiment. The girls learned about the scientific method for experiments and built ramps to observe gravity at work.

It was the highlight of our homeschool day.

As for the rest of the day...the girls worked in their daily math and skills books (by Evan Moor). Eden practiced in her spelling book (by Evan Moor), and Xander took her first test in her new spelling book (A Reason For series by Moe Studio, Inc.).

For bible devotion, we discussed faithfulness. Xander is leading a devotion at our homeschool group on Friday for her writing credit. Eden played on with Dillon.

We struggled to entertain Dillon with Mario (on DS and Wii) and his train set and just plain pretend play, but we managed to get several credits.

Tonight, we will go to the library for reading credit, and I plan to let the girls work through a lesson on a new computer-based piano program for music.