A Change of Scenery

A Change of Homeschool Scenery

It doesn't look like much. In fact, it probably appears to be THE worst schooling environment possible...hope I don't get hotlined. Trust me, people, it's temporary.

I decided to set the kids up in the basement today so that I could help Matt work on the drywall while they worked on their homeschool work. (Coincidentally, Matt ended up taking the Christmas tree down, and we were done before he was ready to start on the drywall.) Despite the mess, you would have thought I'd really done something special for the girls by letting them work downstairs. They were so excited.

I guess it was that the change of atmosphere gave them a new motivation. Or getting to sit on the cushy loveseat while they worked. They didn't even care about the mess around us.

Dillon loved getting to play next to us, and it was easier for me to be playing with him right near where the girls were working.

I always have a hard time balancing the three. Dillon is very demanding, and the girls need frequent instruction. We are still figuring out how to get it all in. Today was a little easier, given the change of scenery, but I still had to have the girls take turns working and playing with him. We worked in little bits throughout the day and into the evening, taking a much needed (for Momma!) break in the middle. (I got to spin some alpaca wool!)

Homeschooling is so much like juggling! Sometimes I wonder that I manage to keep any of the balls in the air.