We're Baaaaaack!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okay, well...technically, I'm a little behind getting back to homeschool. Yes, right, I'm way behind. As usual, I'm trying to manage too many ideas, and I have a hard time letting go of even one. Currently, I'm managing a website with four separate blogs and a newly created directory with several individual pages. Did I mention I'm not even trained in web development?! A little hair brained? Probably.

I've also been knitting like a mad-woman, and I'm generating a lot of links to the site through my free patterns. That's a good thing. So, I'm thinking knitting might be a good niche for me. Therefore, I've upped the ante a bit. I'm knitting for a locally-owned shop, and my fingerless gloves have taken off. (Like...people on a waiting list...seriously???!!! Keep in mind, I can only knit one slow stitch at a time. Production isn't that great, and it didn't take long to build a "waiting list.")

I also decided to knit myself a duplicate sweater of one I love...in new LOVELY colors: blue and grey. EXCITING!

Of course, I have a bunch of wool on hold for awaiting my spinning venture to take off, and I have tons of ideas on hold for my knitting design future. We'll see if I EVER get there!

...seems like I hardly have time for the kids.

Oh...but then, they ARE the priority aren't they?

Sometimes I have to just step back and remember that all the other "stuff" that is mine takes second place. Our homeschool season is temporary...about 16 more years tops. The kids are my focus right now. The other stuff is just here to keep me sane, and it definitely has to sit on the back-burner every now and again.

I'm trying to let God lead me, and squash stress under my foot. I like to be productive, and I am most successful when I work on what I feel He is inspiring me to work on. There is no point in being stressed, because in the end nothing matters but that I chose God.

That said, we started back to homeschool yesterday after a whole month off. ...and then we took today off. (Ha!Ha!) That's just the way it worked out. Playdate offers that we couldn't refuse and such...

Matt is off for 15 days! I expect homeschool will be hit or miss for the next two weeks. (We have miraculously managed to keep up our hours up to now, so we should still be on track to finish mid to late May.) He is working to finish a family room in our basement (hooray!), so we should have SOME time to learn while he is working.

We have homeschool group on Friday! That'll count for learning. Though, we may have to skip out on Thursday for the predicted unusually warm temps. (60 degrees in December?! I'm starting to wonder if we are in the Midwest or the tropics?...and I LIKE it!)

Happy New Semester Homies!