Visiting Great-Grandma Carlene

Visiting Great-Grandma Carlene

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Whew! We were gone from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today. I guess it's a normal workday for some, but I'm not used to going for that long...especially not toting around 3 kids.

Actually, the kids went to Grandma Clock's house for the morning, while The Hub and I had the privilege of volunteering for a "Safe at Home" program for the elderly. We learned to install grab bars and a handrail (in 30 degree temperatures!). Certainly not our typical homeschool day.

It was such a meaningful experience. I really enjoyed spending time with this elderly woman, and she was so appreciative of the service and the company. And...Your Little Homie got to drill a hole in concrete! Can you believe I did that?!

Afterwards, we decided to travel up and see my grandma, whom we missed seeing on Christmas Eve (with the whole illness fiasco). I always wish I had more time to give her. She's the Grandma who used to take us for walks (once along the railroad tracks!) and play ball and swing us at the park. She's 85, and she really jumpstarted Little Man's walking. I took him over there and the next thing I knew, she had both of his hands and was toddling him all over the place. He started walking within the next week! Homeschool can wait, but times with Great-Grandma are precious and dear!

We rushed back from her house to Nature Girl's Art lesson, so she gets one credit today. However, I know what she really got was more valuable than any homeschool log book can record. Seeing her parents serve with gladness and visiting a dear Great-Grandma: that value is priceless.