Halloween 2011


November 3, 2011

We had a great Halloween! We had debated not participating this year, given that the tradition seems to be so solidly rooted against our faith. However, I had this tug at me to let the kids have fun.

I really had to spend some time in prayer about it. I didn't want to allow the pull of the culture to force me into misleading the kids. So, we printed off a little Halloween history, read it together as a family (and counted it for credit), and prayed together. Then, Matt and I prayed together, without the kids, and discussed what we felt God was speaking to us about our participation.

We concurred. As for our participation in Halloween, we make it very clear that evil is evil. Our children are not allowed to wear blatantly scary costumes. They are not allowed to watch scary movies, and we openly discuss the difference between human imagination and reality. Our focus is to avoid dramatizing what is real and confusing the kids. (E.g...We do believe in Satan and evil. We do not believe in ghosts or zombies or other created images.)

However, we believe that God calls us to be lights in a dark world. We try to reach people through love and our simple presence. So, for us, Halloween was the perfect opportunity to go out among people and share the love and joy that the Father has given to us by being simply present in us.

We had a good time doing just that...oh, and the kids loved the candy.