Ahhhhh! A Good Day

Ahhh...a Good Day!

October 18, 2011

I had a bad day yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the weather, which was quite dreary...our first taste of fall...or the fact that we had to drop $675 on car repairs (UGH! I was really looking forward to my brew-your-own wine kit).I have no idea the cause. I just felt completely unmotivated and gloomy.

I cancelled a women's small group I coordinate because only a couple of us were able to meet...it makes me wonder if maybe I wasn't the only one feeling a bit dreary. I'd spent all day cleaning to get ready for the meeting (another reason I may have been in a foul mood), but it was kind of nice to just get cozy and hang mellow with the fam.

I took a bath in my jetted tub and read a book. Worked like a charm! I went to bed in a much better mood, and I woke up quite pleasant (which made for a much better day today).

I have a hard time admitting that some days are just going to BE like that. I want to find the cause and totally eradicate them, but deep down, I guess I know that is not going to happen. Bad days insist on being part of life on this earth.

On the positive...they make the good days even sweeter. We seriously got in 8 credits today! We started off with our "paper" work, and then we squeezed in several fun things...like taking a walk in the cool fall weather to pay our water bill (P.E.), playing with a fresh batch of home-made home-dyed play dough (Art), and dancing around the house to our favorite songs (Music).

The kids were thrilled, which made them content, which made a good day for momma! I wish they could all be days like this...but I'm looking at the calendar, and Matt is working 7 12's out of the next 9 days. I'm not keeping my hopes up for "good days," but I'll settle for contentedly "getting by."