Getting Structured

Getting Structured

Our little homeschool is off to a rough start this year...well, at least from a worldly stand-point. We have almost 100 hours. I think that's great, but we are having trouble getting to it every day. Our credits have been hit or miss throughout the day (week AND weekend).

Add in all kinds of distractions and Matt's chaotic work schedule, and I think, "It's a good thing we homeschool!"

It's a good thing, also, that I'm flighty and don't tend to like being boxed in. :)

HOWEVER...and that's a BIG however...the kids are getting unruly. We NEED discipline. I think I've allowed them to wander a bit too much without enough boundary. I'm going to try to be a little more structured this week. (I believe that is a spirit-led conclusion!)

We had a fun field trip at a pioneer musuem with our homeschool group last week! We went to a museum town designed around the 1850's. They had actual old buildings brought in from the surrounding areas. Very cool. Very laid-back. Totally my kind of homeschool field trip.

We also got to go to the pumpkin patch. Our local patch has a lot of fun interactive displays for the kids...a little train...a trike track...AWESOME playground equipment...animals galore. The only problem is that it is WAY expensive. (Like $8-10 a person). One income = we just can't do it. But this year, we scored a free invitation to preview the patch. We had a great neice came along and brought home a lovely case of scabies. UGH! (Wondering if that's what's been wrong with Dillon the last few days. Hopefully not!)

Ahhh, the ups and downs of life. Have a happy homeschool week!