Dillon's First ER Visit

Dillon's First ER Visit

August 28, 2011...happy birthday, broghan!

Ugh! So, so, so, so tired. Little Man fell off the back of the wagon yesterday, and though I was cautious about concussion and anything else that he might have damaged, I determined that he was okay...as he remained his bouncy, daring self for the rest of the day.

But my anxiety returned when he woke up this morning crying and in obvious pain. I trekked the kids all the way to church, hoping he just needed to wake up...but when he was still whining as we arrived, and he started to hold his head and shoulders funny, I thought I'd better call his doctor.

We ended up in the ER...an extremely long wait later...and several emotionally traumatic moments for the little guy (and a completely draining physical and emotional experience for me)...and we are in the clear. His doctor (Hoffman, who completely ROCKS, by the way) said it was just like whiplash after a car wreck.

Little guy was just lying around all day. I took him to my nephew's birthday party, and he just stayed still on the couch.

...and then...he perked up.