Crazy Day!

Ugh! A Crazy Day

What a fr*@!ing CRAZY day. (I'm sorry...there is no better way to describe it. Well, okay there is, but hey, I never said I was you. There is that Mary Poppins bit I like to quote, but I've never quoted it to you!...yet.)

I totally lost it today. I think the winter blues finally hit me. They were just a bit delayed this year. I sank into a pretty deep depression and had a complete meltdown on The Hub. (Thank God, he has learned how to help me cope!)

I think I am overwhelmed. We have this future house transition out before us, and we are sitting in the period of Unknown...just waiting here and twiddling our thumbs. The Hub's schedule has been pretty chaotic. We've been very busy without any downtime together, and then all of these people are suddenly contacting him for his time. ...AWAY from me! Can you believe the audacity?!

They obviously do not understand the severity of my attachment. I DO NOT like him to be away from me. I've even had problems with that dreaded "work" thing that gets in our way. Listen, I need him more than they do! :)

...Yet, we made it through the day. (Though we didn't get much homeschooling done.) I took the kids on an outing this evening, and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good to get out. We browsed at a pet store and played at a McDonald's play place. I came home revived.

Then, Nature Girl knocked The Artist off my bed and split her head open.

Fortunately I have a retired nurse for a neighbor. She called it a surface wound and cleaned her up for me. ...while I cleaned up naked Little Man's pee on the carpet.

What a day! What a blasted crazy day! (is that better?)