My Spirit-Led Homeschool

My Spirit-Led Homeschool

It is amazing the pull the world has on me. I so easily get caught up in comparison. The more I learn about God, the more I make decisions that are painfully contrary to the world. I have full confidence in my spirit-based decisions, until I look at the people around me. Then, I wonder must I be from some other planet?...or am I just way off target?!

God tells us we will be in conflict with the world around us...the world "hates" us, because we are not of the world (John 17:13-16). So, why am I confused that I seem to be living completely opposite from everyone around me? I am...and the Word says I should be!

Jesus did what He saw the Father doing. He did NOTHING of his own initiative (John 5:19). This is exactly my heart's longing (and exactly why everything I do of my own initiative fails miserably!). I want to listen to that inner voice, which is the spirit of God leading in me...and I'm designed to do just that.

I have been successfully leading my homeschool in this way for the last year or two. Daily God inspires me with what to teach, how much to do, when to start, when to break and when to stop for the day...and how much credit to give for each activity.

Yet, I am continually fighting this feeling of concern that I am not doing it the way I "should"...which is, I guess a comparison based on other homeschoolers and the public school system (or my perception of them).

Just recently, for example, this paranoia caused me to try to change the way I record our credits...from a subjective sense to a very objective minute to minute approach. It was a disaster! I tried to record every single activity minute by minute (even though a good friend and my husband both discouraged me). I'm sure that system works for a lot of people, but it was horrible for us.

Fortunately, I didn't push it too far before I agreed that it wasn't working. The way I record is God-led. I was trying to push our homeschool into a more worldy system, and it just does not fit. It left me stressed and frustrated, and we ALL quickly became overwhelmed. Learning wasn't was structured and rigid.

I am a free spirit, and I love to lead in that way. That is how God made me, and it works for my family. I'm glad I have the freedom to be me while leading my children to discover more about God, themselves and the world around them.

I just wish I would learn to quit fighting that freedom and instead, rest in it!