Stellar Day

Stellar Day

Wednesday 1/12/2011         

Whoa! We had a stellar day today. . .well, minus the tyrant one-year-old who was storming around the house like a little Napoleon. I think he's still cranky from his recent ear infections, or maybe it's his teeth. (Please, God, tell me that it NOT just his new personality!)

He spent his day all dictator-like, bossing and screaming and tearing things up. "Will somebody please distract the baby?!" Oh, wait...there's only one of me. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MANAGE ALL OF THIS?!

At times I was ready to tear my hair out, but then I would think of something to distract him. A little play dough here, the Wiggles there...we managed to get through the day. (At least he enjoyed getting out of the house this evening, and he was extremely happy in his bath!)

As for the homeschool part of our day, I took the time to feed the kids breakfast (it's a novel concept). Then, I took the time to plan out their lessons with a pretty good balance. We worked appropriate amounts of time and took breaks when we needed them, and it just went REALLY well. These are the days I wish for.