Baby D's Memorial

Baby D's Memorial

I am so moved...I am SO MOVED. I spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday evening at the most moving memorial I have ever attended.

Our church group is genuine, loving and naturally very close-knit...though our numbers have rapidly increased in the last few years. The large sanctuary was filled with one large family, mourning with a precious young couple and the loss of one of OUR babies. Yet, we dedicated him back to his Rightful Owner. We sang worship songs...starting with our contemporary rendition of "It is Well..." (That's where I FIRST lost it. The old hymns always get me.)

We prayed. We heard a message from our beloved pastor. Baby D's daddy, a singer on the worship team, even mustered the faith and courage to get up and sing with the worship team. (And...that is when I REALLY lost it. I had been longing all week to take away this pain from them, and I kept thinking, "I just wish I could see A up on the stage singing again." Wish selfish of me. How powerful of this young man! What a demonstration of an Honorable Father's heart.)

They stood, at the end, and met with every single person who came to show them love. I watched them comforting the congregation!

And baby D's mother. Oh, baby D's mother...She wears her mourning like a cloak, and she walks graciously in dignity and honor. She IS one whom the Lord upholds. His touch upon her is inexplicable. She has become a wonder...a delicate marvel...miraculously beautiful. I grasp for words.

I left the church...(I didn't ever want to leave)...with a tangible treasure, a most beautifully created scrapbook page, pictures included of Baby D. I cherish it! But what I left with in my heart is much deeper and lasting. It is the touch of an AWESOME loving God, demonstrated in the faith of these young parents who had the strength to release their blessing in faith back to the One in whom they trust. Amen.

* * * * *

I went to bed at midnight and awoke at 3 a.m. I've done that several times lately. It seems to be God waking me, because I cannot go to sleep. I know I must get up. So, I got up (after 3 hours of sleep) and spent quiet time in His presence. I read my Bible. I wrote in my prayer journal. I prayed over baby D's mom and dad. I prayed over our potential new home. I knit and thought and thought and knit and prayed and thought and knit and prayed.

Then, I had doctor's appointment for Little Man, and after being up for 7 hours, I still somehow managed to be running late. :) I got there close enough to "on time." They know my face. They let me in. I even left with an official signed document that says, "Dillon (that's Little Man) is smart." Ha! Ha! His doctor knows what is important to me (and he has a great sense of humor!). I tell him it's the only reason I come to the well-child hear what geniuses I have.

Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was ready to crash. I took a nap, and it took me a couple of hours to snap out of "La-La Land." But...when I snapped out, I REALLY snapped out of it. After 6 p.m., we managed to get in a full homeschool day...5 credits!