Computer Miracle

Computer Miracle!

What a day! What a day! We were running late this morning. Decided to shovel out my parent's drive, since my dad had to stay at a hotel near his work last night. We didn't get much homeschool done early on...ended up stressing to try to fit it in.

I was rushing to try to get in a last minute credit with Nature Girl, when The Hub called me up (with intensity). Little Man had finally spilled water on the laptop.

We thought all was lost, but I decided to keep the faith.'s minor in the scheme of life. I prayed out loud. I confessed that God would take care of it one way or another, and we would adapt and focus on Him. Of course, I was bombarded with doubts, "What about our bills? What about my website? I can't really afford a new computer..." But I refused to submit to them. I refused to worry. "Ah well, I'm disappointed. Oh, yes, that WILL be a pain, but God will take care of us. I'm not going to miss out on anything that He desires for me. It may not be easy, but we will make it."

Then, came the miracle. As a last ditch effort, I unscrewed and opened a strange latch. Out came what I believe was my hard drive. Not what I'd hoped for. However, when I put it back in, I randomly plugged the computer back in. ...and God said, "Let there be light!"

I was jumping up and down and thanking Him! Sounds silly since it was all over a computer, but hey, He cares about the details of our lives.

I wasn't even sad when I figured out my 'g' and 'h' keys weren't working. I was just going to quit for the night and get an external keyboard in the morning. But guess what?! ggggggggg hhhhhhhhh They just miraculously started working. How happy am I?